Joule – Caffeine on Your Wrist

Joule is perhaps the world’s first caffeinated bracelet. It is for anyone who can’t get a cup of coffee or a quick energy boost when they most need it. For instance, if you’re standing in a very long line and you can’t get away as you would most likely lose that space and have to start from the very end of said line. It is also for people who like coffee but can’t put up with stained teeth or the bad breath that comes with the package. It is also for those moments that you wake up late in the morning and need to rush to get to work but can’t make their morning coffee. With this bracelet, it aims to give you an all-day energy boost. Furthermore, it even promises that it won’t give you crashes.

Joule - Caffeine on Your Wrist

With the Joule, Enjoy an All-Day Energy Boost

So how does the Joule work? This caffeine bracelet is equipped with a slot for you to place on a transdermal caffeine patch. These patches work in a similar fashion with the more famous nicotine patch or other transdermal medication patches.

When placed onto your wrist, it will then administer the caffeine in a gradual manner to give you a steady supply of energy to get through the day. This is great for people who can’t take the caffeine crashes after drinking their cup of coffee. Furthermore, since the caffeine is gradually added into your systems, you won’t get the negative side-effects that would otherwise come from ingesting caffeine in a quicker manner. Hence, there are no jitters that come with the bracelet.

There are many who question this idea with regards to its safety. Simply put, transdermal administration is just another way of helping active ingredients found in a particular product to reach your blood stream. This is also the goal of ingesting food and digesting it. However, with transdermal release, it is a slower manner of letting those ingredients get into your blood and can therefore be more controlled than oral administration.

With this in mind, the Joule Caffeine Bracelet is also great for anyone who are medically restricted to enjoy the great taste of coffee but do require an energy boost from time-to-time. Furthermore, what’s great about this device is that it goes well with what you’re wearing as it is available in a bunch of colors.

Joule promises to give individuals the energy they need while not having the issues related to drink coffee all the time. It also aims to bring the benefits of caffeine into the body without the consequences. Those who are interested in this bracelet can opt for a pre-order over at the product’s Indiegogo page.


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