ASAP Dash – Charge Fast

What is the ASAP Dash? It claims to be the world’s fastest battery pack which can give your phone a full-charge in as little as 5-minutes. That is such a heavy claim to be holding, especially since phones take about a few hours to completely fill its battery. It is even compatible with a good list of phones and devices. Can this device revolutionize how we think about charging our phones?

ASAP Dash - Charge Fast

The ASAP Dash Promises Quite a Bit

With the ASAP Dash, it promises to fix the problem of taking long hours of charging with the creation of this portable charger that can charge up to 16-times faster than your standard wall-socket charger. Unlike other portable chargers in the market that have a compact capacity (under 2,000 mAh), this particular device has 5,000mAh, which means that it can power many phones for about 48-hours.

With this particular mobile charger, 5-minutes of charging time will grant an iPhone 5 with 100-percent battery, an iPhone 6 with 75-percent, a Samsung Galaxy S5 with 95-percent, and a Samsung Galaxy S6 with 55-percent. When you compare these statistics with other portable chargers that are already out in today’s market, then it does promote to solve one of the biggest problems in modern times.

Have you ever wanted to go out of your house as quickly as you can but you forgot to charge your phone and it’s still at, say, 10-percent battery? There are two options you can take: (1) take a longer time to go out of your house to completely charge your phone’s battery, or (2) take a portable battery charger with you but that won’t promise you 100-percent battery (and maybe just give you battery life to let you survive the day).

With the ASAP Dash Battery Charger, it aims to become the third option, which is to let people charge their batteries as quickly as possible without having to worry about taking too long to take the phone out of the wall socket or bringing an ordinary portable battery charger that won’t promise a lot of juice for your phone.

A lot of thought has been placed into the ASAP Dash and it is now available for crowdfunding over at the product’s Indiegogo page. Those who pre-order theirs will get a choice of available colors for their device to come with. Color options are gunmetal, silver, and gold. If this product does fulfill its promises when it gets released to the public, then it will revolutionize how we charge our phones for the better.


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