JayBird BlueBuds X Review – Unique Looking Earphones That Don’t Come Cheap

The JayBird BlueBuds X are a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones with a dual-fit. They are made with a sweat-resistant design so it means you can take them with you to the gym or when you’re running/jogging around town. Even though they are a pair of the best sound wireless earphones to-date, they certainly do not come cheap. Also, its unique look also makes it very wear, and thus quite difficult to recommend.

JayBird BlueBuds X Review - Unique Looking Earphones That Don't Come Cheap

The JayBird BlueBuds X Promises Excellent Sound With a Weird Fit

At first glance, you won’t think the JayBird BlueBuds X are a pair of your usual earphones. These earbuds are connected by a single cord which will rest behind your neck. There is a built-in remote control located at the left side of the earphones. This remote has three raised buttons which gives you an array of controls over music playback. It can also be used when handling calls that may otherwise interrupt your workout.

One of the buttons will control the volume, and pressing the same button for longer than one second can skip tracks, and pushing that same button for four seconds will turn the device off. Unsurprisingly, this all-in-one button is too fiddly to distinguish the different lengths of presses despite the buttons to be quite easy to be accessed.

Most sports earphones found in today’s market are found in either side of the sound spectrum. They can either have a heavy bass profile to accommodate more up tempo music, or it could have more clarity to let them stray away from cheaper earphones.

In which case, the BlueBuds X are within the bassier end of that scale. However, the bass signatures are not overbearing and essentially go as part of a fantastic sound engine. The overall bass response really do impress. Also, there is a crisp, clean treble that comes along with warm mids to give a more pronounced audio wherein distortion is barely noticeable even at higher volumes.

Therefore, this is a pair of earphones that can easily be placed within the best of its class (at least, when it comes to audio performance). It even has a pretty decent battery life as JayBird claims that it can last up to 8-hours on a single full-charge. This is even more impressive when compared to other wireless earbuds who can only do about 4-and-a-half hours.

Ultimately, the JayBird BlueBuds X definitely is one of the best sounding wireless earphones that you can let your ears experience with much excitement and glee. But all those happy feelings are ultimately waned down by a less than comfortable fit.


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