Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Review – Listen to Your Favorite Music and Track Your Activities

There are many wireless in-ear headphones out in the market that vie offer a “unique” experience in one way or another, so what does the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless have in store for the fitness-centric individual? Well, it does have one special trick up its sleeve – the ability to monitor your heart rate through your ears. Sound performance could be better though.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Review - Listen to Your Favorite Music and Track Your Activities

The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Monitors Your Heart Rate While Worn in Your Ears

With this type of feature, the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless joins the competition of some contenders such as the LG Heart Rate earphones. However, it is by no means cheap and it does have quite a bit of heft in its price tag. But if you do have the extra cash to spend on this particular product, then know that these are a pair of some of the best wireless in-ears you can get in today’s market. Its heart-rate monitoring gimmick is nothing to laugh about either.

Compared to other sports headphones by the same manufacturer, the Sport Pulse Wireless offers a more minimalistic flair. It has a short, tangle-free cord that attaches the two earpieces together. However, said cable is long enough to lie just behind your neck and is quite unobtrusive. It even has a small clip that you can attach to your shirt collar so it doesn’t move around. In most cases, it does work, but when the wind picks up, the cable has a bad habit of repositioning itself on your shoulder.

Still on the cord, there is an inline remote that is just near the right earpiece. It can handle the standard functionalities that you would expect, such as adjusting the volume, skipping tracks, and activating Siri if the device is connected to an iPhone. It is easy to control and well within reach.

On the outside of the left earpiece is a Sport button, which comes in really handy. When the accompanying app is running on your smartphone, just a quick press on said button will give you an update on your progress. It will immediately tell you the distance, time, and current heart-rate, as well as other useful tracking metrics. This is really useful especially when you’re running so you can adjust your pace and not bonk.

While it does offer a lot in terms of fitness tracking, the biggest caveat found in the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless is its battery life. With continuous use, you can only get, at most, 5-hours. This is way short than what other wireless in-ear headphones can offer. Furthermore, sound profiles are tinny and it is a terrible pair for listening to music. Hence, while it does offer accurate fitness data, audiophiles may best want to look elsewhere.


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