Introducing Senoria Socks As Your Fitness Tracker

Introducing Senoria Socks As Your Fitness Tracker

Health is very important. As the old adage says “health is wealth.” Tech companies know well about this thus and so they manufactures different kinds of fitness trackers and devices to help you monitor your health.

One way to achieve optimal health is through cardiovascular exercises that includes running, jogging, walking and more. For instance, you opt to run as a way to exercise a new form of device is recently introduce to help you not just to track running, but also it provide help in terms of the accurate form of running. Additionally, it has an excellent app which uses your smartphone’s GPS to present accurate data. What is surprising about this newest fitness tracker is that it is not as obvious as other fitness wearables. Why? The new technology for fitness tracking can now be literally netted into undergarments like bra or in shirts,pants and socks.



The Senoria Smart Socks is a new product that is geared with the technology once only available in smartwatches and smartphones. The cost for this one particular socks starts at $199. For that price it has an inclusion of two pairs of socks, one ankle cuff, and one charger.

Your actual socks can also be your fitness tracker with the Senoria Smart Socks. It has a premium look and feel. Not just that what makes this socks extra ordinary is the sensors in it the measure the pressure from your feet which in return determine either you are heel-striking or landing on the ball of your foot while you run.

Meanwhile, the magnetic ankle snaps is task to capture the general running metrics that includes the speed and pace. Place the socks in your feet and you can also listen to metronome which can be done by the companion app of the socks. The metronome can help you in terms of maintaining a certain meter. Wearing the a high tech socks can be rewarding specially to those who are enthusiastic with running and wants to stay in form.


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