Clothes With Wires And Sensors Possible

Clothes With Wires And Sensors Possible

Modular platform is considered one of the most transformative technologies over the past years. It is a platform that serves well its purpose in the field of technology advancement that provides a new door of different opportunity to diversified areas not limited to bricks, smarthphones, hybrid PCs, entertainment, and more but also the latest area it is about to embrace is with clothing lines.

A man named Borre Akkersdijk wanted to apply the platform with nonetheless man’s clothes. He had already created pieces as a proof of the concept that a piece of cloth can be an input device Wi-Fi routers, and air purifiers. Textile designer is what Akkersdijk described his self. He studied at Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

“The Technical University of Eindhoven were doing a huge project called CRISP on smart textiles, and they bumped into the same problem every time,” Akkersdijk explains. “They were just sticking the technology onto the textile. It was just sort of a sandwich. And they were looking for new ways and base layers to put their sensor technology into.”

One of Akkersdijk piece is already thick, thanks to circular knitting machines. Why thickness dimmed important? The answer to that is the thickness of the cloth is the perfect feature that will make the work easily done because it will provide protection to large sensors and at the same time it will be easier to run a wire within the clothing.

Akkersdijk’s thick-cut fabric will be the right piece where sensors can be embedded. Moreover, if wires are required, the cloth can protect it without obvious evidence externally that is what university dimmed and they want to use it.

Pertaining to that, Akkersdijk says that, “I said I like the idea, but if we’re going to go this way, I want to develop it,” and added that, “I want to look into conducting yarns, into the sensor technology, and how you want to embed it. So what we started to do is, within the production process, is knit the conducting yarns in.”


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