Intel – Discontinuing Atom Processors for Smartphones and Mobile Tablets

Intel starts to face reality that their mobile division is just not up to par with its competitors. However, the decision did take many by surprise but it was foreseen to be an inevitable one nonetheless. Furthermore, this is only the first step and the easier course of action. The more difficult decision will be is where would the tech firm go from here.

Intel - Discontinuing Atom Processors for Smartphones and Mobile Tablets

Many Ponder as to Where Would Intel Go From Here After Discontinuing Production for Atom Processors for Mobile Devices

Those who have been closely following the footsteps being taken by Intel will have already known about the warning of the firm’s retreat from the mobile sector since the company’s Investor Meeting that took place back in November. By the time the company’s 2015 fourth-quarter earnings reports was revealed in January, it would just be a matter of time before a full-fledged surrender from the mobile industry came into view.

By the time the tech firm reported their 2016 first-quarter earnings, it became even clearer that there were major changes that were brewing up. Murthy Renduchuntala, an outsider and former executive of Qualcomm, was brought in to oversee IoT and Client Computing. Head of the Client Computing Group Kirk Skaugen, along with head of the IoT Group, Doug Davis, were made to be Renduchuntala’s direct reports.

After a short time, it was then announced that Davis and Skaugen were leaving the company. When readers would go back to previous press releases, it does become fairly obvious that these long-time Intel executives were no longer happy with the firm. However, what wasn’t clear as to what was the exact reason as to what they were being unhappy about.

Still, there were indications and speculations as to the reason for them being unhappy with the company. Back at a first-quarter conference call, Krzanich did state that Murthy was in charge of a comprehensive review of the company’s products. There can only be very little doubt pertaining to the decision on pulling the plug on the Atom X series as well as deciding to put down the next-generation Broxton Atoms for good was the result of Murthy’s review.

How, the more important question here is why did the Intel products fail? It is a subject wherein no one seems to talk about it. From the company’s statements, which has been made public through various forms since their Investor Meeting, that they are now “shifting priorities,” but that doesn’t really put a specific answer to the question.


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