IC Real Tech Allie Home Review – A Security Camera That Lacks Security

Although the IC Real Tech Allie Home is being marketed as a security camera, it lacks a sense of overall security when using it. Plus, it has a price tag that can make anyone walk away and never look back at it. Those who are considering a DIY security device may want to consider something else. It comes with a VR headset, which is probably one of the firsts to have one in the market. But that alone won’t justify its lack of functionality and a subpar performance when it comes to security.

IC Real Tech Allie Home Review - A Security Camera That Lacks Security

The IC Real Tech Allie Home Does Not Promote Better Security

The camera found in the IC Real Tech Allie Home is indeed a neat one. It is equipped with two, 180-degree fisheye lenses to assist with the virtual reality headset. You can also do live streaming with it, or even record or take still photos found in a 360-degree environment. Cloud storage, however, is not a free thing for this one, and users would have to shell out even more money to get that feature. This does not bode well for the device, especially considering it already has a high price point.

For its design, it definitely stands out from the rest for a DIY security camera. The Allie Home has the traditional pan-and-tilt modes, and it can also rotate a full 360-degrees. While many security cameras can only do about 180-degrees, or just slight above that, it is welcoming to know you can take an all-around view of your through one camera.

However, there are other security cameras that can offer a full 360-degrees and see all of its coverage at the same time. With this particular camera, you cannot. Hence, you can just move it around 360-degrees but you can’t look at all of your home at the same time.

But if you’re looking for a wide array of security features on this one, you’re not going to find it. For example, it does not have an arm or disarm function, it has no motion sensing capabilities, it has no sound detection functionalities, and it won’t even set a push or email notification. This is just your barebones security camera which is pretty welcoming if it came out around 2 decades ago. Its supreme lack of security features is not so welcoming in modern times.

Hence, the IC Real Tech Allie Home is the security camera to stay away from. There’s practically nothing else to expect from it, and add to the fact that it can become a cash grabbing machine with all the money that you have to spend for it.


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