Huawei – Why People Are Switching From the Big Brands

When talking about smartphones, there are many who would immediately name the big brands in the market such as Apple, Samsung, and even Sony; but that doesn’t mean that some of the competitors are not taking a backseat in the competition, especially Huawei. The Chinese brand is taking the “one-step-at-a-time” route in the smartphone market. With their mobile phones steadily increasing power, performance levels, and fame within the market, it may even be just a few years from now that the company will share the limelight with the other big names in the market.

Huawei - Why People Are Switching From the Big Brands

Huawei is Gaining Ground in the Competition

There are even some who would do away with their smartphones coming from Apple and Samsung to switch to Huawei. Their phones, such as the Huawei Mate 8, is a cheaper alternative than the smartphones offered by other manufacturers. A lot of their mobile devices clearly differentiate the aspect of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” While they are a relatively more affordable choice, it doesn’t mean that they severely lack in overall performance, design, and build quality.

Deciding to switch to a Huawei smartphone is all about value for money. Many knew that the price of getting a mobile phone do not equate to a marvelous high-end experience. There are even some top-end smartphones that don’t live up much to their promises. Furthermore, these big named smartphone manufacturers are within a very severe competition. Hence, your high-end phone will only be looking at a one to two year lifespan before it gets bested immensely by a newer model.

If there is a concern with regards to using a smartphone from a manufacturer that does not share the same limelight as the ones who hold the top spots in the mobile market is that they do not share the same status symbol. But that was before as the Chinese manufacturer is now gaining ground in terms of the design and overall performance, especially with the former aspect. Smartphones from the Chinese company makes for a good combination of functionality, form, and relatively reasonable costs.

There are some Chinese companies that have aspired to become globally competitive and we are now seeing that with the likes of Huawei. They have earned their place in the market through innovation and perseverance. Even though such a company has lived in the shadows behind the likes of Apple and Samsung, it may be time that the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer to step out of the darkness to have their own limelight.


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