How to Make the Best Out of the Apple WatchOS 2

How to Make the Best Out of the Apple WatchOS 2

Apple just recently released their watchOS 2 for their Apple Watch. While displaying the time is certainly one of the features (and one of its more obvious ones) in which users can make use of the smartwatch, there are downloadable apps from the Apple App Store that will make the experience in wearing the smart timepiece more worthwhile. Sure there are new features added with the update on the Apple Watch’s operating system, like adding new watch faces and a new Nightstand mode, but the real improvements are found in the App Store.

Get the Most Out of WatchOS 2 With These Apps

Dark Sky

There are a bunch of weather apps for the watchOS 2 in the Apple App Store but Dark Sky is just that “one” you need. It is a paid app but it is definitely worth every penny spent on it (for a weather app).

What makes this weather app so special is that it uses its own independent weather service. This allows for a more accurate data based on the user’s current and exact location. The weather data is very accurate down to the minute. It also has a new update with the upgraded smartwatch operating system as it will now show weather notifications on the watch’s face. It will even warn the users when it’s about to rain.


Sleep++ is an Apple Watch watchOS app that tells users when they are going to sleep and when they should wake up. The app relies on the motion sensors on the smartwatch to give a detailed summary of the time spent, and quality of the sleep. However, what it cannot do is assist users in getting more sleep. Hence, people should may still rely in drinking a hot glass of milk for that purpose.


This app enables users to help them remind themselves of their forgotten New Year’s Resolution each year. Streaks uses a fun, game-like user interface that lets users start building better habits. On the watch, users are able to mark their “New Year’s Resolutions” as done. Saying you forgot to go to the gym or to quit smoking will no longer be a valid excuse with this app.

There are still a bunch of other great features, both native and downloadable, for the Apple Watch’s watchOS 2. Owners of the Apple Watch need only to look and explore inside the App Store for more compatible apps for their watch’s upgraded operating system.


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