How to get Cortana on Android and iOS Now

Cortana Personal Assistant:

There are some personal assistants out there, but none comes close to the sleekness that Cortana has. Cortana is a Microsoft brainchild that started its journey on the windows platform. The application is sleek and powerful. It boost a state of the analytic art machine and learning a process that makes using Cortana such a joy. Windows users: both phone and desktop have been enjoying the sleek, fast and vast features that come with Cortana personal assistant. Since the mobile platforms are varied, each having its share of the cake in market share Microsoft has since decided to offer Cortana to other platforms as well. From latest tech gossip, Microsoft has been hinting of versions for Android and IOS users. I know you are already asking when you can get your hands on this version of Cortana, well you are in luck because just recently Cortana application released beta versions of Android and Windows platforms. And today I am going to show you how to install Cortana on Android and iPhone.

How to get Cortana on Android and iOS Now

Installing Cortana on Android devices.

From the Tech Videos, the Android Cortana application can be install on any Android device. This is a tough claim to back from Microsoft. But if this is true it means that Cortana for Android would most probably work on any Android mobile device. But with Android devices there exists some dynamics from device screen sizes to different manufacturers with their unique specifications for their hardware. But without further adieu let us install Cortana on an Android device.

  1. Allow installation from unknown sources
  2. Download the Cortana Application from Google drive.
  3. Install the Cortana application


Allow installation from unknown sources.

Since Cortana is not available in the google store first and foremost, you will have to enable your device to install the application from unknown sources. To do this go to Settings then to Security then scroll to unknown sources option. Here you will activate this setting by ticking the check box. Once you have done this, you are free to download applications from other sources other than the Google store and install them on your device.


Download the Cortana Application from Google

Now you will have to download the application from Google drive. Just copy paste the link-> into your preferred browser. Click on the APK this will take some time so wait for it to complete downloading. If you are unfamiliar with the whole concept or need more info, you can always read the latest tech news on popular technology websites.


Install the Cortana Application

Once the download completes open the downloaded file. Android will tell you the resources Cortana will use. Scroll down to view the permissions Cortana will require and if you approve hit on install. The application will take a while and once it is done it will give you an option of opening the application. Open the application. Congratulation you have just installed Cortana on Android.


Installing Cortana On apple’s IOS

The IPhone installation is straightforward. Microsoft has put Version 1 on Apple store. It seems that they decided to take on Siri- IOS based personal assistant. To install Cortana on your iPhone, you will simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Go to the Apple store on the iPhone.
  2. Type Cortana on the text search box for the Apple device
  3. Click on Cortana suggestion that appears after you search
  4. Click on get. This will change to an install button.
  5. Click on Install Cortana. The application will take some time as it installs.
  6. Open Cortana. To browse and have a feel of the application.


Installing On apple’s Ipad

Although the application is already on Apple store when you are using an iPad Installing Cortana will require an extra step or two over and above the once we performed above. From some latest tech videos, there exists a hack for this that doesn’t require a lot of tweaking. The steps are as shown below.


  1. Go to the Apple store on the iPad.
  2. Type Cortana on the text search box provided
  3. On the search criteria change the category from Ipad only to iPhone only
  4. Click on Cortana suggestion that appears after you search
  5. Click on Get that appears
  6. Click on install Cortana, this will take some time to install
  7. Open Cortana to have a feel of the application


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