How to Access US Version of Google Play from Anywhere

Google PlayIf you have a smartphone that runs Android operating system, then Google Play Store should be your go-to place to get applications of all sorts. As the saying goes, every problem in the world will eventually be solved by downloading more apps.

Google Play Store can not only take care of your entertainment needs but can also facilitate your serious pursuits like work and readings on self-improvement. You can access the latest news from magazines like The Economist and medical help services like WebMD.

It offers a lot of free apps and some paid apps as well. The paid apps usually offer more value than the free ones and are generally bug-free.

Paid apps don’t cost a lot and considering the value that these paid apps on Google Play store provide, they are actually pretty affordable.

You can download applications from Google Play store at your own leisure and normally would face little delay periods when downloading applications from the wonderfully designed Android app store.

The area where it sets itself apart from all other Android application platforms is feedback and description.

Every application on it has feedback area where people, just like you and me, who have downloaded the application leave reviews and comments. These can be immensely helpful if you are trying to decide which application best suits your needs (and sometimes wants).

The description area comprehensively describes how the application works and what it can offer you.

All that is great stuff. But the unfortunate part of the whole deal is that these features only shine in the US version. It’s not like the store discriminates its customers, but it restricts content on the basis of region because of copyright issues and violations.

Your current location determines which version you’ll be served by the official website.

The general consensus amongst the citizens of the internet is that the US version of Google Play store offers the highest number of titles for any given search term. Other store versions aren’t bad but by comparison, they are pretty mediocre.

You can only access the US version if you have a US IP and we’ll reveal how to get that later in this very article. Before that, you need to know some important stuff about this remarkable well-managed Android app store.

People who are not within the boundaries of US will not be able to access the US version. This is what we have established so far.

These people will only be able to access their local versions of which may or may not have the product they are looking for.

The interesting thing about Google Play store is that the US version of this store is probably the only version where there are little to no restrictions on the amount of content that is available. There are very few mentioned of expiration dates or limited access statements. That is what makes the US version so desirable.

People in the US can access it with no limitations to the content that they can view and download.

Why is Google Play US Version Blocked Outside US?

Google Play SiteYou might be wondering that why would Google Play store US version be not accessible outside the US. The first reason for that is quite obvious, it is the US version and hence intended for audience who are in the US and not anywhere else.

The second reason is copyright issues. The number of legal battles Google Play will be embroiled into would be too many for it to handle if it decides to offer every piece of content to every corner of the earth.

Content forms like movies, books and TV series have specific copyright laws and they are different for each country. To avoid making a mess, it has versions that conform to the laws of the specific country that version is for.

For people who are living in the US or have a US version account can access anything and everything without any restrictions.

All others have to live in a reality where a lot of amazing content on Google Play store is marked “not available” in their regions.
Ergo, we have collected a bunch of methods that you can use right now to access the US version and enjoy the latest and greatest that the media industry has to offer. They are mentioned below and so start reading.

How to Unblock US Version of Google Play Store Using a VPN

The most reliable and secure method to access US version of Google Play store is the VPN method. With the VPN method you would have no problems whatsoever accessing the US version of Google Play store which, technically, only people residing in the US can access.

Using a VPN service would allow you to access all sorts of games, applications and movies from the US version.

VPN is a diminutive of Virtual Private Network. It is basically a program that you download on your computer or your browser depending on which VPN service you subscribe to and then the software gets to work and provides you with a safety tunnel to access US version of Google Play store.

A VPN provides you with a remote server that is safe and secure through the use of advanced encryption technology.

VPN services basically mask your IP address and give you an IP address of the location where its servers are located. Since you want to access content in the US, a VPN service would, ideally, have a server in the United States. That server’s IP address would become your IP address and hence, you’ll be able to access US version of Google Play store.

In short, you must choose a VPN service that has servers located in the US.

To make this even simpler, let’s outline the steps you’ll need to follow in order to access US version of Google Play store and access all its content,

  1. Find and subscribe to a reliable and reputed VPN service.
  2. Download the VPN app after you have subscribed to the service.
  3. Install the app on your computer (phone/tablet/iMac etc.)
  4. Choose a server that is based in the United States
  5. Relax while you access all content that is available on US version of Google Play store.

But if you thought that is all a VPN service does then you thought wrong. VPN has many more benefits, some of which are,

  • It encrypts your data
  • It makes you anonymous on the internet
  • It protects you from hackers, government surveillance programs and snooping sites

Right now, probably the most reputed VPN service is IPVanish and that is what we are going to recommend here.

Here is why IPVanish is great (according to official sources),

  • They have lightning quick servers. You will always get great speed when using IPVanish
  • They don’t keep logs
  • They provide maximum security
  • They provide unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited P2P traffic
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Money back guarantee
  • Affordable price packages
  • They have been mentioned by authority sites like business insider, Lifehacker, Cnet, New York Post and PC Advisor.

How to Unblock US Version of Google Play Store through DNS

The second method you can use, right now, to access US version of Google Play store is through the use of a DNS service. Everything you know about a VPN service applies to DNS service as well except that it does not offer data encryption.

A DNS service redirects your traffic to a DNS server that is located in the US and is remote. Consequently, you’re able to access the US version of Google Play store and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it.

Let’s outline all the steps again,

  1. Search for a DNS service that is of high quality
  2. Find a DNS service
  3. Subscribe to that DNS service
  4. Do the necessary configuration
  5. Use a server that is based in the US
  6. Visit US version of Google Play store and relax.

The DNS service that we recommend is Overplay which is a trustworthy DNS service. It is trustworthy because (according to official sources),

  • It offers security
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Private access to any website from anywhere
  • Offers advanced technologies like Smart DNS and Smart DNS + VPN
  • Zero traffic logs
  • Unlimited region switching
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Quick setup

Any Other Methods?

You can always search and learn about methods that involve buying a US based address, a phone number or setting up a US credit card but all those systems are not as reliable and don’t work for everyone.

They are also more expensive then the VPN and DNS methods mentioned before.

Which One Should You Go for?

According to our personal experience and years of online research, we recommend that you should go with either the VPN method or the DNS method since these provide the most security, speed, and reliability.

Take your time and then make your decision. When you have done that, then, let other people know about your choice by using the comments section below.


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