How much we have enjoyed technology today compared to the aging technology of the past?

Published: 14 April 2015

How much we have enjoyed technology today compared to the aging technology of the past?

Have you ever seen an old bulky computer lately? Seeing one can give you a collective memory, it can somehow give a wonderful feeling, a jolt of realization how time flies, and how much technology improved and succeeded today, but where can you see the old computers?

The Interface Experience

What is The Interface Experience all about? The Interface Experience is actually an exhibition of vintage machines, where in the machines being exhibited are open and live, further, this exhibition is not like seeing things in museum behind glass. You have the chance to interact with the machines being exhibited in this exhibition. The exhibition is at Bard Graduate Center’s Focus Gallery in New York.

The Vintage Machines

Although the machines are already vintage and now part of the aging technology, the machines have been overhauled with custom programs to initiate a three-way exchange with the user, both the software and the hardware that are quite ready for interaction. A Brooklyn-based software designer named Jonathan Dahan, programmed the obsolete computers so that the visitors can use it. What can you actually do with the obsolete computers being displayed on this exhibition? You can press the chunky keys of a Commodore 64 keyboard or drag a first generation, curve-less Macintosh mouse; this is just some of what you can do in front of the aging technology.

What’s the catch?

Clearly, using an old computer today is inconvenient, however these vintage machines where the point that able the evolution of today’s devices. The display of the machines are a reminder of where it all began and according to Kimon Keramidas, curator and director of the digital media lab, “It was interesting


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