Hoverboard Technologies Review – Still No Levitation Action Here

Hoverboard Skateboard Technologies was started by an inventor and entrepreneur by the name of Robert Bigler. While this is still not the hoverboard many of us are looking for the likes we have seen in Back to the Future, it is certainly a step forward in that direction. Robert’s vision propels this dream forward as he sees the future of personal electric mobility to lead to the delivery and mass production of the levitating hoverboard. While his invention is not the “floating” kind, he calls this vehicle an “earned experience.”

Hoverboard Technologies Review - Still No Levitation Action Here

Hoverboard Technologies is a Step Forward to the Levitating Dream

Hoverboard Technologies is no ordinary hoverboard. To start, it’s got only one wheel, and the inventor calls it an “earned experience” because it is hard to ride. Also, instead of actually levitating off the ground, it uses gyroscopes (much like you would see on a Segway). These gyroscopes will assist in balancing your feet on either side of the “hoverboard.”

This new way to ride around town also has one trick up its sleeve and it’s not a pretty good one. It has an enormous price tag. You would think that simply because it has only one wheel and is just about the same size as the regular “hoverboard” we see on today’s market that it would have roughly the same price as those. But no, this is guaranteed to punch a deep, dark hole in your bank account.

The Hoverboard Skateboard  Technologies is powered by an electric motor so you don’t have to pedal using your feet like you would do with a scooter or a skateboard. When you want to do a turn, just shift your weight to either side, also just like you would do with a skateboard or even a snowboard. But unlike the other two devices, you would have to do a bit of a twerk to redirect it.

Where to buy Electric Hoverboard Skateboard  or similar scooter product ?

Many hoverboards are being recalled for safety concerns. Even though this model is not on the list (at the time of this update), you should do your due diligence in checking before purchasing any hoverboard.

While there are “hoverboards” in today’s market that would let you easily ride them, this one takes a bit of a challenge to do so. Scratch that – that would be a lot of challenge. It would take more than just a few trips or you falling down on the device until you could barely ride the unit on a straight line. It takes even more practice to do turns. But once you can do these things, it is a gloriously appealing achievement.

Even though Hoverboard Skateboard Technologies is great fun, especially for those looking for a challenge in balancing and riding, its steep price point makes it extremely hard to recommend.

We have now found the safest Hoverboard model available in 2016, it’s called Powerboard by Hoverboard. We’ve reviewed it too. Go here to read about it.


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