Holy Stone F180C Review – A Great Mini Quadcopter for Newbies and Pros

The Holy Stone F180C is a mini quadcopter that is light, durable, and fast, in which these elements pose for a great experience for both beginners and pros in the drone flying sector. Also, when it is described as “fast,” it might probably be an understatement as it is quicker to move around as compared to other similar devices. It has four sensitivity modes, 720p video capturing, 4 way flip mode with continuous roll, a transmitter with LCD display, and LED indicators for nighttime flight.

Holy Stone F180C Review - A Great Mini Quadcopter for Newbies and Pros

The Holy Stone F180C Flies Like a Bullet

The Holy Stone F180C  lets users experience different sensitivity modes in which are great for anyone who is new to flying quadcopters. It gives the user the ability to start off slow with nice and easy controls. Then, when you feel confident enough that you’ve learned quite a bit, you can then work your way up through the sensitivity levels to make for faster and more precise controls. When you’re using 25 to 50-percent, it does make for a very easy way to fly indoors. Higher sensitivity levels gives you very high levels of control, and as such, allows you to zip along distances very quickly.

Using the transmitter promotes a very comfortable feel while in the hand. Its smooth controls and extra buttons gives you a stable hover. There is one button to change the sensitivity mode, a button to enter the flip mode, buttons for controlling the various camera functions, and a button to turn the lights on and off.

The controller on the Holy Stone F180C Mini Quadcopter has a liquid crystal display that lets you take note of the various indicators that you’re currently using. Therefore, you would always know what sensitivity levels you’re using rather than clicking on the button then guessing what that level is. You can also get information on signal quality, as well as whether you’re recording with the on-board camera or not.

Speaking of its camera, it is able to record 720p clips to a microSD card, It does take some pretty decent videos in HD. Camera functions can be controlled through the transmitter and, once again, it will be indicated on the controller’s display if you’re recording or not.

The Holy Stone F180C has a light weight and it is quite small. It is good for indoor use or outdoors use. Just make sure that when you’re bringing it outside there’s not a lot of wind lest it will get carried away.


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