Cheerwing Voyager UFO Quadcopter Review – Not Your Average Design

There are many quadcopters that blatantly sell out the point that they have, in fact, four rotors; however, the Cheerwing Voyager UFO Quadcopter does not try to do that. Instead, its design choice makes people wonder if the Earth has been visited by another existence in a far off planet. As far as design, this UFO drone really take the cake. It gets a lot of points for overall coolness and flyability.

Cheerwing Voyager UFO Quadcopter Review - Not Your Average Design

The Cheerwing Voyager UFO Quadcopter Takes the Cake in Terms of Design

The Cheerwing Voyager UFO Quadcopter has 6 rotors that are formed in a circle. Right off the bat, it does not seem that you would get to control it much like most other quadcopters in the market. However, you might have to rethink that notion once you take it out for a test flight. It is a very stable drone and it is especially great for both indoor and outdoor flying. As an added bonus, all those rotors will give you a cool breeze, which is especially useful on a very hot day.

Once the accompanying app is downloaded to your mobile device, it can then open up a world of new possibilities with the Cheerwing Voyager UFO Quadcopter Drone. To start, there is an option within the mobile app wherein you will be able to fly the device from your phone instead of using the controller that comes with the device. However, it should still be noted that it does take some getting used to.

When this drone is airborne, you can film and take photos with its on-board camera while the device is flying around the place. However, there are reports that claim that MAC users are having problems with regards to making use of the quadcopter’s features. Furthermore, this particular drone is headless, which means that there is no front or back. In other words, it will fit perfectly well into the controlling hands of beginners.

Even though the UFO shape is pretty cool and quite unique than your standard quadcopter, you should be aware that whenever you’re flying it outside that it will catch wind pretty easily. If it does, it can be quite hard to keep it under control.

Despite it being able to catch wind easily, the Cheerwing Voyager UFO Quadcopter is definitely one of the coolest drones that you can see and try out today. For its price, it is definitely worth the money that you shell out on it. It can even make for a great conversation starter.


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