Stay Safe Outdoors With Strike Alert HD Lightning Detector

Published: 2 August 2016

strike-alert-hd-lightning-detectorPreparedness is key to great adventures.

The risk of being struck by lightning and such an unfortunate event could be avoided using a lightning detector.

Introducing a convenient, easy-to-use and dependable tool, the Strike Alert HD.

Technology and innovation have brought about the first personal lightning detector with a built-in graphical display, and more features designed for your utmost protection.

Learn about what it can do and everything unique it has to offer.

Most importantly, find out how this lightning detector can keep you safe wherever you go.

A Close Look at Strike Alert HD: Inside and Out

Build and Design

The Strike Alert HD is conveniently portable with its compact size at merely 4.375 inches tall and 2 inches wide.

Its overall high-quality impact-resistant build makes it sturdy enough to keep up with rugged outdoor activities.

Take it anywhere you go, whether hiking in the mountains, out somewhere in the huge golf course, camping deep in the woods, right on the water on a boating trip.

Clip it onto your belt, backpack or golf bag then you’re off to a worry-free trip with your durable device easily within reach.

The unit itself is bright, making it easy to navigate the menu buttons and find your lightning detector right when you need it.


Strike Alert HDA stormy day or not or the sky looks as if there would be lightning, you’d know when to take shelter with your handy lightning detector on hand.

Most personal lightning detectors typically offer 180-degree tracking. With Strike Alert HD, there are no blind spots for you to get complete 360-degree tracking in all directions.

Audible and vibrate warnings both serve their purpose of giving off loud tones or alerting you through vibrating when lightning is within striking distance.

You also gain an advantage by being quickly notified whether the storm cell is approaching your path or not.

The graphical display shows lightning strike distances from 0 – 40 miles from afar, as well as indicative of a 1-hour storm trend and intensity.

The intuitively visible warning makes the distinction, wherein colored LEDs give you a clear visual of a range of lightning strikes, customized to miles or kilometers.

Different colors illuminate accordingly at set lightning distances as outlined below:

  • Red: 0-6 miles
  • Orange: 6-12 miles
  • Yellow: 12-24 miles
  • Blue: 24-40 miles

When it comes to battery life, Strike Alert HD boasts of low power consumption that can last up to 80 hours with the use of two AA batteries.

You can opt to have it shut off after two hours of no lightning activity.

The lightning detector performs a battery check when first turned on for more effective preparation.

Who’s It For?

Strike Alert HD is an extension of the brand’s trusted lightning detection technology, enhanced with advanced usability features to keep up with modern day needs and lifestyles. This remarkable lightning detector is perfect for:

  • Forest Fire crews and smokejumpers
  • School administrators
  • Coaches at sports events, athletes, golfers
  • Electricity and other utility crews
  • Television crews of live news events
  • Construction and farming groups
  • Campers, hikers, trekkers, bikers, and lovers of outdoor activities
  • Anyone who wishes to be well-prepared and protected outdoors

What Customers Have to Say

People who have brought the Strike Alert HD attest to having put it to good use.

Many are impressed on how it accurately indicates upcoming strikes that are often part of thunderstorms.

Some find it very useful for complementing various means of observation of precipitation, weather charts, and sat images.

Some people prefer it over the use of apps since notifications on mobile devices tend to be delayed, and its lightning detector feature becomes useless when the phone battery is dead.

One slight concern is the Strike Alert HD’s functionality indoors.

Though it still works, the lightning detector’s ability is a bit adversely affected by electromagnetic emissions sourced from computers, electric motors, or spark plugs in vehicles.

Moving it a few feet away solves the problem outright and resumes normal operations.

Lightning Safety a Priority

Lightning is a beautiful natural phenomenon, yet quite dangerous and deadly. Did you know that each bolt holds up to 1 billion volts of electricity? It kills thousands each year throughout the globe.

Numbers are significantly more compared to casualties from tornadoes, hurricanes, and winter storms.

There are also numerous injuries noted and debilitated aftereffects on a person who’s been struck.

How can one feel safe with such possibilities? Upon learning of the Strike Alert HD, you would have been stuck with awareness and how a small lightning detector can save lives.

Along comes the realization of the peace of mind it can bring you and all people you care about.


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