Have You Heard The Word About The ProDrone Byrd?

Have You Heard The Word About The ProDrone Byrd?

The quadcopters are certainly gaining a lot of popularity in today’s market, and the ProDrone Byrd is one of its many contenders. So what does this quadcopter have in store for us? First, it combines folding propeller arms with an interchangeable camera gimbals, and it also has a 29-minute flight time.

The ProDrone Byrd Will Be Available in Three Variants

One of the more unique features of the ProDrone Byrd is its ability to fold down to a neat little package for easier storage. Its parts can be folded so that the quadcopter will “transform” into a rectangular object. This “mode” can also be used for easier transport of the device. The Byrd has a 14.2V/7,000 mAh lithium battery. This allows the quadcopter to work its magic up in the air in a time frame that is just one minute short of half an hour. In comparison, the DJI Phantom quadcopter will manage about 25 minutes of air time. The device will be able to support about 2 kilograms or 4.5 lbs of weight without hindering its airborne capabilities. Customers and fans of the ProDrone quadcopter will be happy to know that the device actually comes in 3 models. These are the Standard, the Advanced, and the Premium.

The Standard version will have its own 1080p/60fps camera, while getting the Advanced model nets you a GoPro mount that will be included (but the action camera will not be included. The Premium model has its own 4K/30fps camera that will be included with the package. Getting the Standard version of the quadcopter will have a data transmission range of about 500 meters whereas the other variants will have a transmission range of about a whopping 2 kilometers. All the 3 models will include a GPS navigation feature, which will allow the drone to fly predetermined flight patterns. Hence, users can command it to circle around a point of interest without having to manually control the quadcopter at all times.

The ProDrone Byrd can also be commanded to return to its original take-off point after it has been flying around its commanded area. The Advanced and Premium models have a Follow Me feature wherein the drone will tag along the user as long as it is in range of a smartphone’s signal. The video feed that the quadcopter will be recording can be viewed from up to three different screens at the same time.


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