Gravity Rush Remastered Review – Retaining Most of its Charm

There are many remastered games that do not acquire much attention, but then there’s Gravity Rush Remastered. It was one of the earliest games of the PS Vita and it has not graced the home gaming console that is the PlayStation 4. It was one of the best games of Sony’s mobile gaming platform then, and it still retains most of its charm albeit you can’t play this remastered version outdoors.

Gravity Rush Remastered Review – Retaining Most of its Charm

Gravity Rush Remastered Pulls Players Back With This PS Vita Classic

This time around, Gravity Rush Remastered brings a sympathetic update that brings the game up-to-speed with modern playstyles. To start, the visuals looked lovely for the handheld gaming console, and it looks even better now. While there are remastered games that only upscale the graphics to higher resolution without any consent for any other detail, this one has improved graphics all over. Since being brought to the PS4, those upscaled lines look clean and really sharp.

Visuals for Gravity Rush Remastered (PS4) have inspired the use of subtle tweaks in its graphics engine, especially when it comes to lighting and color. There is also a more refined sense of geometry that gives landscapes and characters more depth and layers of detail.

However, it does not mean that the game strays away from the original art style too much. It still showcases how good the visuals were back then and improved on them to fit with a higher performing gaming console.

The controls were also transitioned beautifully from Vita to PS4. You will still take on the role of Kat for this game, that hasn’t changed one bit. While you can always run and fight on the ground, the game wouldn’t have “Gravity” in its name without letting you control such an element. Therefore, you can still take control of Kat and her gravity defying skills as you hurl her towards walls, ceilings, monsters, or even collectibles.

Missions are also key elements to the game, and they are all great. At their core, these missions will be all about exploration as you use your gravity defying prowess to fight the Navi, while reuniting families, obtaining items, trapping villains, or even finding missing friends.

Gravity Rush Remastered is one of those games that have been ported from a handheld gaming device to a home console. However, this is not your ordinary ported game as it is a beautiful remastered edition that gets most of the things in the right.


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