Grasp – The Bicycle Lock With Fingerprint Recognition

With Grasp, you don’t have to get into the hassles of locking and unlocking your bike. Every cyclists knows that they have to go through the time-consuming part of locking and unlocking their bicycles. But what can they do? If they don’t do this part then it’s just like giving your bike away for free to strangers. But there’s a way around the hassles of bringing security to your bike and that is with this lock with fingerprint recognition technology.

Grasp - The Bicycle Lock With Fingerprint Recognition

Grasp Lets You Do Away With the Hassles Accompanied With Bringing Security to Your Bike

With Grasp, you don’t have to worry about bicycle-lock keys to get lost or having to go through the hassle of locking those complicated conventional bike locks that you see every day. This device lets you lock your bike with a biometric fingerprint sensor. This will give you enhanced security, and you won’t have to bring a key along too.

The Grasp Lock uses the world’s smallest optical fingerprint sensor with an industry tested and proven algorithm. A relationship has been established with the manufacturer of this optical fingerprint sensor to enable the best possible integration of said sensor within this locking device.

This lock is designed to make locking your bike faster, easier, and smarter. It will be the first bike lock that will actually improve biking experience. We now that the gear and tech we use when riding our bicycles are meant to improve the experience of riding bikes, but bike locks are known to do the opposite. Most of them are clumsy, large (or long), and can be very complicated to deal with. With Grasp Lock, you don’t have to deal with those any longer.

The device is made out of a soft touch plastic. Its designed in a way that it won’t scratch your bike’s frames. The lock has gentle curves so the device will just glide over any bike and bike rack. It is also water resistant which means that it can be left outdoors while under a downpour. It is water resistant but it is advised not to lock your bike with this device underwater.

There is also a dedicated app to register fingerprints. You can make use of the Grasp App to register your family or your friend’s fingerprints so they can make use of your lock as well. Up to 20 additional fingerprints can be registered with the device.

Grasp is powered with AAA batteries that will last over 1 year and can easily be replaced. For those who are interested in this product, they can catch an early bird price over at the device’s crowdfunding page at Kickstarter.


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