Gramofon Music Streamer Review – Stream Music AND Extend Wi-Fi

The Gramofon Music Streamer can play music and act as a Wi-Fi extender with a very reasonable price. Its features are similar to that of Google’s Chromecast Music as it is designed to be connected with other existing music systems. However, Gramofon’s contender is larger (as compared to the Google Chromecast Music) and it is a more accessible alternative to Sonos music players.

Gramofon Music Streamer Review - Stream Music AND Extend Wi-Fi

The Gramofon Music Streamer is a Low-Cost Music Streaming Device

Even though the Gramofon Music Streamer is indeed a small device, it is not as small as compared to the Google Chromecast. The exteriors are covered in a sleek, rubber-bottomed black plastic design that measures 80 x 80 x 44-millimeters. The weight of this device is at 158-grams, so it’s not terribly too heavy for a portable music streamer. It has enough heft and grip so as not to be pulled around when there are cabled attached to it.

There is another benefit to that bulk and that is for its rear side. This means that there are more connectivity options around its back. There is a 5V barrel connection, an audio jack, and a pair of 100Mbps Ethernet sockets.

Speaking about these two Ethernet ports, one is labeled “Internet” whereas the other is connecting directly to a computer. With the one that has the “Internet” text pasted on it, it will allow you to use this channel to plug the Gramofon Streamer to your router should you prefer a more stable wired connection.

As for its features, well, their pretty simple as well. Its principal service is Spotify as it relies on the Spotify Connect Service that are available to the music streaming service’s premium accounts. This feature is just like what you can see for Chromecast as it will pull music directly from the service instead of your phone. This promotes a more reliable connection rather than using Bluetooth.

Another great feature is that if you purchase multiple Gramofons then you will be able to control them with one app. This way, you can either let them play the same music or different tracks will be played per device.

As for performance, the Gramofon Music Streamer is pretty easy as long as you’re connected to Spotify. Otherwise, other services don’t have the same type of functionality. For instance, if you’re using Google Music for local music playback, then there will be lack of support which means you may have to rely on alternatives.


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