Google Photos – Update Teases Surprise for Nexus Owners. Brings Unlimited Storage.

If you’re using the stock Android Gallery app and you’re not using the Google Photos application, then it might be worth checking it out. There are some surprises in-store for you, especially if you’re a Google Nexus user. According to the reports, the latest update teases unlimited cloud storage for Nexus owners, specifically for this particular app.

Google Photos - Update Teases Surprise for Nexus Owners. Brings Unlimited Storage.

Google Photos Teased to Have Unlimited Storage for Nexus Users

For everyone else, there are other things to be excited about with the coming update for Google Photos. However, do not expect your insanely high-resolution photos to go up into the Google cloud. At the time of writing, the app limits those who are using the free version of the search engine and tech giant’s service to a maximum of 16-megapixels for photos to go up the cloud. Should you choose to upload photos larger than that (or videos higher than 1080p resolution), then they will automatically get downsized.

However, these are all for the free version, and you can definitely get the paid version for the Drive storage. With the paid version, you will be able to upload and store even higher-quality images and videos. With such a subscription, you will be able to increase the maximum limit to 75-megabutes or 100-megapixels for a single photo, and 1-gigabytes for a single video.

In recent reports, the upcoming patch indicates that the Google Photos app will be loosening up those restrictions a bit. However, there’s a catch as you will need to have one of the Google Nexus devices. If true, then this is an interesting mix of promotion-slash-hook for the line of devices. It should be noted that video and photography now play an integral role to our everyday experiences. Also, nobody likes to pay each month for a subscription just to ensure their images and videos are safely protected in a cloud server.

According to a report from Android Police, there is a text buried within the code of the latest update to the Google Photos application (build 1.2.1). The text suggests that this particular Nexus-themed promotion is on its way – and soon. The hidden text in the update reads: “With Nexus, back up all you want! Unlimited free storage for original quality photos & videos upload from your Nexus device.” It should be noted that even the best Nexus device could not shoot 16-megapixel images, but there are those that can shoot 4K video. Hence, the unlimited storage might please smartphone videographers more than still shutterbugs.


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