Unlock the Thrill: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get BeamNG Drive on Xbox One!

Published: 17 January 2024Updated: 30 January 2024

Do you want to experience the thrill of BeamNG Drive on your Xbox One? Well, you’re not alone! Did you know that BeamNG Drive has gained a massive following of players worldwide? That’s right, and now you can join in on the excitement too. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to get BeamNG Drive on your Xbox One, so you can enjoy realistic car physics and endless open-world possibilities. No need to worry, it’s easier than you think!

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What Is BeamNG?

BeamNG is a realistic vehicle simulation game that offers an immersive driving experience. With BeamNG Drive on Xbox One, you can now play this incredible game on your console. It’s a freeform driving sim with an exciting opportunity to explore the world of soft body physics model and drive a variety of cars. BeamNG Drive has gained popularity due to its superlative physics model and realistic soft-body collisions.

BeamNG Drive allows you to experience the thrill of driving in a realistic environment, with detailed damage modeling and vehicle dynamics. From small sedans to powerful trucks, there’s a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Whether you want to test your driving skills or simply enjoy cruising around, BeamNG Drive on Xbox One promises hours of entertainment. So get ready to hop in, buckle up, and experience the ultimate driving adventure.

BeamNG.drive offers a multitude of entertaining driving missions and challenges, providing players with a significant level of customization that empowers them to unleash creativity and devise their own driving scenarios. With an built-in World Editor, players can create vehicles, modify and position objects, AI paths, terrain, and various parameters. Basic stunts, such as jumps crafted using ramps and parked cars, can be effortlessly and promptly generated.

Is BeamNG Drive on Xbox One?

No, BeamNG Drive is currently not available on Xbox One or other consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and PlayStation. The game is currently only available on PC platforms. While there is no official release for Xbox One at the moment, it is always possible that the game could be ported to other platforms in the future.

How to Get BeamNG Drive on Xbox One

There are two ways in which you can access BeamNG Drive on Xbox One:

1. Cloud Gaming With GeForce NOW

With GeForce NOW, you can play games like BeamNG Drive on your console without the need for expensive hardware or downloads.

Simply follow the steps below:

Sign Up for Geforce NOW

Register for a free account at https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now/.

Link Your Steam Library (If You Own BeamNG Drive)

Connect your Steam account to GeForce NOW if you already own BeamNG Drive on Steam.

Launch GeForce NOW on Xbox

Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox and go to https://play.geforcenow.com/.

Find BeamNG Drive

Look for BeamNG Drive in the GeForce NOW library using the search function.

Start Playing

Choose the game and initiate it. You will be connected to a remote gaming rig that streams the gameplay to your Xbox.

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2. Steam Games

You can play BeamNG Drive on your PC via Steam and use an Xbox controller to connect to your Xbox One for a more immersive experience. When you play Steam games using your Xbox controller, you would have an experience similar to that one with your Xbox Console.

BeamNG Drive Alternatives

While BeamNG Drive isn’t available directly on Xbox consoles, there are Similar games on Xbox that will give you fun driving missions.

Here are some options to consider:


Wreckfest is a demolition derby-themed racing game on Xbox, offering a unique blend of realistic physics and chaotic vehicular mayhem. Players engage in intense competitions, smashing and crashing their way to victory in a variety of vehicles across diverse environments.

Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7 is a visually stunning and realistic racing simulation game for Xbox, featuring a vast array of meticulously detailed cars and dynamic tracks. With a strong emphasis on authenticity and immersive graphics, players can compete in a variety of racing events and showcase their driving skills.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered for Xbox brings back the exhilarating open-world racing experience with high-speed crashes and spectacular stunts. Players explore the city of Paradise, competing in races and events while enjoying the freedom of an open-world environment filled with ramps, shortcuts, and destruction.

Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat combines thrilling street racing with a day-and-night cycle, where players participate in legal races during the day to earn money and risk it all in illicit races by night. The game features extensive car customization options and a gripping narrative, offering an adrenaline-fueled experience on the streets of Palm City.

When Is BeamNG Coming to Xbox One?

As of now, BeamNG Drive is not accessible on Xbox One, and there are no official plans for its release on the platform. Although unofficial cloud gaming alternatives are available, they may come with restrictions. Explore alternative driving games on Xbox or, if feasible, experience BeamNG Drive on a PC.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Official Plans for a BeamNG Drive Release on Xbox One?

No official release plans have been announced. The guide suggests exploring similar driving games on Xbox One or playing BeamNG Drive on a PC.

Why Is BeamNG, Not Available on Xbox One?

BeamNG Drive is not available on Xbox One primarily due to development and resource allocation decisions made by the game’s creators, BeamNG GmbH. The complexities involved in adapting the game for the Xbox One platform, including potential technical challenges and resource constraints, may have influenced this decision. While there are unofficial cloud gaming options, an official release for Xbox One has not been planned, limiting the game’s accessibility on this particular console.

Is There a Multiplayer Mode in BeamNG Drive?

Certainly! BeamNG Drive features multiplayer functionality through a third-party modification known as BeamMP. While not officially embedded in the game, BeamMP is a widely used and well-supported mod that allows players to engage in online racing, cruising, or collisions with friends and other participants.

Can I Use Cloud Gaming to Play BeamNG Drive on Xbox One?

Using cloud gaming to play BeamNG Drive on Xbox One is not officially supported, as the game is not available on the platform. While unofficial cloud gaming options may exist, it’s important to note potential limitations, such as differences in performance or features compared to an official release. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on BeamNG Drive availability and supported platforms, it is recommended to check the official channels and announcements from the game developers. However, it is good to keep checking the updates on official websites for early access, in case it become available on Xbox One.


While the thrilling experience of playing BeamNG Drive remains exclusive to PC, the Xbox One gaming community can still explore a diverse array of exhilarating driving games available on the platform. Embracing the excitement of alternative titles, coupled with the anticipation of future gaming possibilities, ensures that the joy of virtual driving adventures continues to thrive on Xbox One.



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