Fortress: Destroyer Review – Take the Seas Back

In Fortress: Destroyer, you play within an era far into the future where people are living underwater at the mercy of bands of pirates. It is your job to take the seas back in this dystopian vision of the future. You will take change in an ever expanding array of battle ship to take down the Blackwater – a fleet of pirate-owned ships that are intent on suppressing what little there is that remained with humanity as they rob the planet’s resources for their own gain.

Fortress: Destroyer Review - Take the Seas Back

In Fortress: Destroyer, Defeat Blackwater or Sink to the Watery Depths

Fortress: Destroyer gives you a set of simple controls to work with. It is viewed from the top down, and moving a ship is as simple as tapping on the screen to direct it where you want it to go. The idea here is to keep placing new targets as your craft nears any existing ones. This will allow you to keep moving, and hopefully, survive.

Attacking the denizens of Blackwater is done in a similar fashion, if not the exact same way. You will tap on any enemy ship. Repeated taps will be the best way to take those ships out. As a result, this is not an RTS game in which you may have initially thought it would be, but Fortress: Destroyer (iOS and Android) is a game wherein the fastest fingers will win. Your finger will bob up and down on your mobile device’s screen in quick time. Working those finger muscles will assist you in defeating your enemies as quickly as possible.

There is also an array of power-ups at your disposal, but these boosts depend on which ship you sail with. These enable you to do stuff from call on short bursts from an air support to “bring the rain” to your enemies, or surround yourself with additional ships when you need the help to survive an onslaught.

Quickly enough, the game falls into a set cycle and things become repetitive, fast. There are missions that enable you to upgrade your ship to take on even more missions, but levels are just a slight different from the others. Still, the battles do promote some fun, albeit a little too simplistic in its approach.

Fortress: Destroyer is a game that you might not find yourself playing for hours and hours. It is a mobile game designed to be played in short bursts. It takes on some elements of real-time strategy games, but ultimately falls into the “tap frenzy” category.


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