FitSleep: Hit or Miss?

Published: 6 October 2016
Behold the device that puts sleeping problems to rest.

Behold the device that puts sleeping problems to rest.

Successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo by creator Xuan Yao, the FitSleep monitor garnered over one hundred thousand dollars in support from our sleep deprived peers.

Touted as one of the most accurate sleep monitors on the market, even rivaling the accuracy of professional grade medical monitors, the FitSleep prides itself on being a touch free sleep monitor.

FitSleep requires you to wear nothing or touch nothing to accurately record and interpret your sleep patterns and quality. Rivaling other wrist monitor brands, the FitSleep’s compact and sleek design allows you to monitor your sleep patterns without even knowing it is working or having to feel it strapped to your wrist.

There are two versions of the FitSleep currently on the market. The standard model offers complete sleep monitoring using a unique monitoring system.

The second version, the Alpha Wave Tech, have all of the same sleep monitoring functions as the original, but boasts the production of alpha waves which help you fall asleep faster.

The new design reinvents the standard style of sleep monitors currently on the market. Existing sleep monitoring devices require the user to wear a band or monitor on their wrist or elsewhere to track their sleep patterns.

The FitSleep, however, is a completely touchless device that monitors your heartrate and respiration rates at a nearly 99% accuracy.

The FitSleep acts as your own sleep machine to lull you into a calm and deep sleep. Using alpha waves and reflective data, the FitSleep is able to detect what low frequency waves work best to relax your nervous system.

Like how soothing sounds can calm a fussy baby, the wave-detecting technology can sense changes in your sleep patterns in order to narrow down the range of waves that work best for you.

This completely customizable and personal function of the device is what makes it one of the most successful sleep systems on the market.

Impressive Specifications

The FitSleep has been designed as a compact, slim, light weight device. Its unassuming design allows you to forget the tracker is even in your room. The unit is simply inserted beneath your pillow or mattress and is virtually undetectable as Bluetooth 4.0 conveys your sleep statistics wirelessly.

Measuring only 92mm X 92mm X 16mm and a lightweight 100 grams, the FitSleep is both minimal in size and weight. A powerful 3.8 volt lithium ion rechargeable battery offers up to 30 days of continuous use before you need to worry yourself about charging it up. Charging is made simple by using a standard micro USB cord.

A downfall to the current model is that it does not let you know what is the status of your battery charge. Instead, you will have to keep yourself on a charging schedule lest it die out on you during the middle of the night unannounced.

How It Works:

Get in-depth specifics on how to optimize your sleep pattern.

Get in-depth specifics on how to optimize your sleep pattern.

The FitSleep is a multi-dimensional monitor. Surpassing the basic heart rate and breathing rate functions of competitor devices, the FitSleep also acts a tracker for your sleep status and sleep cycle. This comprehensive approach to monitoring allows for the most accurate representation of your sleep patterns.

Using real-time monitoring, every detail of your sleep is accounted for. The monitor is capable of providing immediate feedback and can detect when you have gotten out bed or are moving around.

The FitSleep works by monitoring your heart rate and respiratory rates. Monitoring begins the moment you climb into your bed. Emitted electromagnetic waves transmit back to the unit the exact frequency of your heart rate and respiration.

FitSleep software detects your presence in bed through vibration and pressure sensors. The sensors are so incredibly sensitive that the device can detect your individual heartbeat and breathing even if there are two people in the same bed.

The software is able to detect a weaker signal from your partner and differentiates their heartbeat and vibrations from your own based on your proximity to the unit.

Clinically Proven

In order to substantiate their claims of a better and deeper night’s sleep, the team at FitSleep set out to conduct a sleep study at the Sleep Research Center of Peking University in China. In an 800 participant blind-control clinical trial, people aged 15-80 were monitored for 60 days.

The resulting data showed in the first 10 days, people with active and inactive devices showed very similar sleep patterns. They took about the same amount of time to fall asleep and their scores were similar in regards to percentage of deep sleep hours and quality.

However, once the alpha wave technology was turned on in the devices, a whole new set of data began to evolve. Participants with active devices had a gradual decrease in the amount of time to fall asleep and their deep sleep quality.

The test results show strong support for the claims that the FitSleep alpha technology is able to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, increases how long you stay in a deep sleep, and increases your sleep quality.

FitSleep Use is Simple

Have the power right under your pillow.

Have the power right under your pillow.

Installing and activating the FitSleep is a simple process. After you initially charge up the unit, you simply press the center button to connect the device to your blue-tooth enabled smartphone or tablet.

If you experience any difficulty with the bluetooth function and connecting your devices, you can always scan the QR code provided on the bottom of the unit to sync the FitSleep to your phone that way.

Once you are successfully connected, you simply leave the FitSleep in your room to track your full night’s sleep. If you are an afternoon napper like myself, you are out of luck. The FitSleep only tracks those long night sleeps, not a short nap.

Once you wake in the morning, you manually sync the FitSleep unit with the app on your smart phone to upload your sleep data. You will be provided with a sleep quality number to let you know how well you slept that night.

Graded on a score of 100, the FitSleep will give you a rating of your sleep quality. The closer the number is to 100, the better you slept.

Consistent use will accumulate data on your sleep patterns. The software interprets these patterns and provide you with tips on how to improve your quality of sleep.

The FitSleep app generates a sleep report that displays your sleep quality and trends in a simple and easy to interpret design. Track changes in your sleep as you access your daily, weekly, or monthly report and see what the FitSleep does to improve your sleep habits.

Wakey Wakey – The Smart Alarm

The FitSleep offers a function which promises to wake you at the exact point where you feel most energetic. This feature is said to work by the accuracy of the detection technology of your heart rate and respiratory patterns.

The so called “Smart Alarm” knows to wake you at the perfect sweet spot within your alarm range. Tracking your sleep pattern, the app allows the alarm to go off during your lightest sleep making it easy to wake and have a fresh feeling day.

Because You Care

Because of the incredible accuracy of the algorithm used, the FitSleep is capable of providing trusted information of those you love as well. The FitSleep app has a built in function in which you can link the real-time monitoring of multiple FitSleeps to your phone.

Rest assured that the vitals of your loved ones, whether your aging grandmother or new born infant, are at your fingertips. Communicate your new successful sleep patterns with friends and family through the ability to share your progress.

Want to Sleep Like a Baby?

In a technology driven world that requires our attention and response throughout the entire day, a good night’s sleep has never been so important.

Reports of the influence of electronic screens on the quality of your sleep have been circulating around, whether or not the claims are true remain to be seen.

One thing is true and that is that each and every one of us needs and deserves a good night sleep. If another electronic device in my life means that I will wake up refreshed and ready to take on the new day’s challenge, then I for one am up for the purchase.

The FitSleep was released in September 2016. Early indications of price have been grossly underestimated. In the original crowdfunding reports, the device was marketed as going to cost around $179 dollars a unit.

With the company that produces the device based in China and seemingly some details lost in translation, the project costs of the start-up have change significantly.

The model currently available for sale in the United States comes with an impressive price tag, currently being sold for $499.99. While seemingly very expensive for a device with a lot of competition on the market, if the promises of a deep and seamless night’s sleep are true the hefty cost might just be worth it.

Kyle Aken


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