FitBark Dog Activity Monitor Review – Track Fido’s Activities

The FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is a fitness tracker that you don’t normally see in today’s market. While many wearable techs of today are designed to be placed around human wrists, but this one is made for your pet pooch. After all, it’s not only you who wants to get fit. This is an unobtrusive fitness tracking unit for dogs of all sizes. It will sync to a companion app on your phone or computer and will allow you to check in on their activity levels.

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor Review - Track Fido's Activities

The FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is a Fitness Tracker for Dogs

The FitBark Dog Activity Monitor uses a 3-axis accelerometer inside. This is not really for humans, nor is it for your feline companions, as the software behind it is solely intended for recording activities from Fido. However, there were some tests that the device was worn by cats, but it produced unsatisfactory results.

It is shaped like a bone treat to add to the K9 design. It only weighs 0.28-ounces and it measures in at 1.1 x 1.6 x 0.4-inches for its dimensions. It also comes in five available colors, which are blue, green, red, pink, and gray. It is also waterproof with a rating of IPX7. Also, it should also be noted that the device is only waterproof for as long as the rubber plug covering the micro-USB charging port is tightly sealed.

The battery life of the FitBark is quoted at 10 to 14 days, depending on use. It uses a Lithium-ion battery to bring power to the unit. The logo on the device’s front will pulse as it charges.

As for connectivity, it only has Bluetooth, which puts it a step behind some of its competitors that can also offer a Wi-Fi connection. Well, it can have Wi-Fi connectivity, but that will let you cough up more cash with the FitBark Wi-Fi Base Station. This is a plastic dog house wherein you will plug in via micro-USB, connect to the FitBark smartphone app, then have the device near your router. It will then relay the Fitbark’s data to your online account.

The device calculates activities in the form of BarkPoints. According to the company, it measures these BarkPoints using a proprietary algorithm which will attempt to quantify “total physical activity in line with the best veterinary practices.” However, unlike fitness trackers made for humans, these points are not measured by number of steps. It will measure these points when your dog is moving or playing.

The FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is for serious dog lovers and are very serious about their K9 companion’s well-being. This lightweight, attractive, and cute device does do what it intends to do – help you keep tabs on Fido. However, for its price, you might want to go for the lesser expensive options in the market.


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