Asus ROG G20CB Review – Competing With Larger Rivals With its Compact Nature

The Asus ROG G20CB is unlike other gaming computer platforms that seem to aim for the sky with their large towers. This is a small form-factor gaming PC that has been given the Republic of Gamers brand treatment. This may come off as a surprise for some seeing as the ROG mark can mostly be seen in laptops and motherboards. However, it does not mean that it does not pose a threat to its targeted competitors.

Asus ROG G20CB Review - Competing With Larger Rivals With its Compact Nature

The Asus ROG G20CB Aims to Beat Larger Competitors

For its design, the Asus ROG G20CB features many of the style points found in typical gaming systems, especially when you consider those coming from big-brand manufacturers. To start, it has LEDs on its front which can be customized with the use of a built-in software. The front and top panels have a striking yet beautiful angular pattern. Asus claims this is a design inspired by the Mayan tribes.

The plastic used for the computer’s casing has a matte finish. But once again, this comes off as something normal for PCs, and even home gaming consoles. The tower is constructed with the company’s featured aggressive lines. The base is thicker then tapers to a narrower top section with the use of a cut-away design. This also means that the side panels are angle. This prevents the case to be laid flat on one side.

However, the G20CB is not a large computer. It measures in at 104-millimeters at its thickest point, 61-millimeters across its top, and it has 340-millimeters for its height. With its height, it is about as tall as the Alienware X51.

The computer comes with a reasonable list of hardware specs. It uses the Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 for the graphics, which means that it uses one of the more powerful GPU cards to-date. In contrast, Alienware’s X51 looks comparatively weaker as it only uses the GTX 960 card.

At its core, it is being powered by a Core i7-6700 processor. It uses the 14nm Skylake architecture which means that it comes with four Hyper-Threaded cores that begin at 3.4GHz and will top at 4GHz. For those who are new to the gaming computer scene, this may come off as overwhelmingly good. But for those who are already veterans in the sector, this only comes off as satisfactory as there are other rivals that can perform better.

While it does look very good, the Asus ROG G20CB is not practical to begin with. Its gaming performance is also great, but not one that can match its intended rivals. The processor lags behind the competition, and the price is too high. Hence, you may want to look elsewhere for a better compact-designed gaming PC.


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