Fast Racing Neo Review – Built for Speed

Fast Racing Neo, at first glance, is a racing game built for speed and it only goes faster from there. With these speeds, there are some of us who can’t handle this. If you’re in the mood for a futuristic racer with insane speeds, then it doesn’t get any faster than this.

Fast Racing Neo Review  - Built for Speed

Fast Racing Neo Has Speed and Lots of it

Still, Fast Racing Neo comes into the videogame scene as a more original concept and innovation rather than getting pointers from other futuristic racers such as WipEout, F-Zero, and Quantum Redshift. This racer plays things pretty straightforward with a series of teams at your disposal. You will pilot angular, hovering crafts at insane speeds on tracks that curve more than your tangled earphone cable inside your pocket. It has loops, curves, and the occasional straight racing courses.

The craft that you’re piloting can turn left and right, brake, accelerate, and can tilt to drift around corners. Even though Fast Racing Neo (Wii U) aims to provide a familiar look and feel as with our futuristic racing games, it does not do a good job of doing it. However, it does promote to be a little easier on the control system.

Perhaps the biggest innovation here is the game’s switch of mechanics. The Mario Kart-ish powerups such as weapons and shields that are also familiar in WipEout games are now gone. This time around, there is a color switch mechanic which you may normally find in cult-classic shoot-’em-ups.

On tracks, there are blue or orange strips. These will either boost your piloted craft or slow it down. In order to get the boost, you will need to activate the “phase switch” feature on your craft so that it will match the color in question. However, with the speeds that you’re going this can prove to be quite difficult. It’s not enough to just keep your eyes peeled on upcoming colors, it also take a matter of skill and timing to play the right colors.

There are a lot of things to like about this game, and one of those elements is the sensation of the insane speed coupled with a simple yet decently effective control system.

Fast Racing Neo captures the glory days found in the WipEout series. It is a fast, visually impressive, and exciting attempt to let gamers bring back the feeling of excitement that was experienced in other futuristic racing games.


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