Fallout and Skyrim Come to Life (Well, Sort of) in Their Legacy Collection

Fallout and Skyrim Come to Life (Well, Sort of) in Their Legacy Collection

Fans of Fallout and Skyrim can now bring their favorite characters out from their respective game worlds and onto their desks with their toy line called the Legacy Collection. Game developer Bethesda makes really great games about exploring massive and strange worlds. These games let players get a first hand view of what it is really like to be completely immersed into the game. Players can do all sorts of things like build their own armor and weapons, and interact differently within certain scenarios which could lead to different possibilities. Now, when players who become avid fans of these games, they may want their characters to hopefully jump out of the screen and onto their desks. While jumping out of the screen into real life is an impossibility, Funko has achieved something closer in the form of a new action figure line.

Fallout and Skyrim Legacy Collection Brings Characters From These Games Straight To Your Desks

For the Fallout set included in its Legacy Collection, one of the figures is the Lone Wanderer, which is the customizable hero from Fallout 3. The Lone Wanderer is equipped with his trusty hunting rifle along with other accessories. Other extras include the feature of allowing the protagonist to don his famous Power Armor. This armor is complete with laser rifle, or equip him with the Brotherhood of Steel. Those who have this figure can pretend that the protagonist has leveled up in order to equip his new armor and weapons.

For the Skyrim Legacy Collection, there is the human male Dovahkiin figure. He wears the standard leather armor and horned helmet. He can also equip swords on each hand, or equip two shields on both hands as well, or one hand has the sword and one has the shield (you get the idea). Another figure for this set is the powerful Daedric Warrior. This time, the toy is clad in an imposing black armor and he wields a battle axe. With these cool action figures on the desk, players may no longer have to “take an arrow to the knee” to hurt their gaming experience.

The Fallout and Skyrim Legacy Collection already has fans waiting for other figures to show up on the list. Perhaps a Deathclaw could be lying in wait just waiting to be released and so players can have their lone wanderer fend it off, or perhaps one of Skyrim’s magnificent but seriously deadly dragons could be in the works. Only time will tell.


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