Facebook Messenger – There’s a Hidden Basketball Game in the App

If you’re suddenly seeing points inside your Facebook Messenger chat amongst friends, there’s a perfectly good reason for that. March Madness is here and the social networking giant wants to let you be part of the game by placing an Easter egg of sorts right at your own fingertips. There is a hidden basketball game that lets you play basketball that lets friends play with each other right inside the app.

Facebook Messenger - There's a Hidden Basketball Game in the App

Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Play Basketball With Friends

The game found inside Facebook Messenger can easily be accessed. First, change the emoji to that of the basketball one by going to the settings menu within a particular chat room. Then, once said emoji is chosen, simply tap on it (no need to enlarge it) to bring it into the chat. Once there, simply tap on the basketball emoji that’s already inside the chat (not the icon to send the emoji) to initiate the game.

The game is appropriately called Messenger Madness and therefore does not work on the desktop version. Once the game starts, you will then be greeted with the basketball emoji along with a basketball ring of sorts placed on a white background. Your job is to flick the ball into the ring and get as many points in a row as possible.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it does seem to be quite simple at the beginning, but the placement of all the ball will start to change as soon as you rake in more points. Therefore, the angles of which you flick the ball needs to be change constantly.

Each time you get a score or a miss, an emoji will pop up from the ring to indicate if you’ve done a good job or not. The game will end and immediately restart once you miss a basket. Furthermore, your friends inside the chat room where you’re playing this will immediately get notified about your new high score when you’ve finished a game. This will also prompt them to let them try out the game themselves and for them to try to beat your high score (if they can).

If you can’t somehow access the game in your Facebook Messenger app, make sure that you download the latest update so that there will be no issues in accessing this mini-game. If you’re planning on being really productive today and you’ve just discovered this little Easter egg, then you might want to say goodbye to getting things done today.


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