Facebook Introduced Facebook Lite

Published: 8 June 2015

Facebook Introduced Facebook Lite

A new mobile app for Android by Facebook is the latest Facebook Lite which is primarily intended for the developing nations. Although it is a lighter smaller version of the standard Facebook Android app yet it has all the necessary features of its full app making it faster and convenient to use.

 This particular app is designed to address the issue specially with developing countries problem with lagging and low-bandwidth mobile data services. In places where mobile data is poor the full standard Facebook Android app can be difficult to use since it can’t load most of heavy data thus and so this is another way which Facebook sees as a new path to reach farther into another milestone after the Facebook Zero which was the company’s first attempt at making lighter website version of its popular service where in the company collaborated with mobile phone networks in specific nations.



 Meanwhile, the Facebook Lite already rolled out in Asia. This app is under 1 MB while the regular FB is around 33 MB this means that the new app will consume less data while using and enjoying of what Facebook does best in terms of social networking since users will have the access to interact via News Feed, Facebook Status Updates, Notifications, and Photos.

 As part of the company’s global strategy this is another significant step yet offers a lot of help specially to the developing countries. Facebook Lite will definitely open the door to another billions of potential new users. From Asia the new lighter, smaller version Facebook Lite will roll out in parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe in the coming weeks.

 From here the company is definitely not stopping since CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s partnership with the Internet.org project, in March 2013. The main goal of the partnership is to bring internet to parts of the world that aren’t yet connected using unmanned drones, similar to Google’s Project Loon.


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