Facebook – Did You Know That There’s a Secret Inbox Folder?

If you want to know if someone’s trying to contact you in Facebook, then perhaps they’re in a secret folder that you might not even know about, until today. First of all, do note that the people that you’re conversing with in the popular social media website are called “friends,” despite if they are or are not your real-life friends. From time to time, there might be a stranger that will message you out of the blue. The social media platform has a “Message Request” feature, wherein it will send you a notification should someone that is not within your friends list will  try to contact you. However, this is not always the case as the notifications will only arrive if it “thinks” that you know the person. For anyone else trying to contact you, they may be flagged as spam.

Facebook - Did You Know That There's a Secret Inbox Folder?

Learn How to Access the Secret Message Folder in Facebook

If you think that someone has messaged you and they’re not spam, do not worry your tiny little head as there is a way to check on those filtered messages in Facebook. You can do this on either the Messenger app or in the desktop version of the social media platform.

For looking at those filtered requests in the Facebook Messenger app, first of all you need to open the app (well, that’s painfully obvious). The next item on the list is for you to tap on the Settings icon, then tap on People. Afterwards, you should tap on Message Requests then scroll to the bottom and tap “See filtered requests.”

As for the desktop version, tap on the messages icon found on the blue bar atop the screen. From there, you should be able to see a grayed-out text that says “Message Requests.” Click on it, and it should display the message requests that have been filtered by the social media platform that it “thinks” are from the people you might know. For those other messages that have been flagged as spam, click on “See filtered requests” to see the messages that might have been flagged as spam.

For the most part, the messages that you will see in this hidden Facebook folder are exactly what you would expect – spam messages and links to unknown websites. However, and once again, this is not always the case. Think the spam filtering system of email services as there are times when the spam protection is set to too high that it can block out some important messages, like a certain company offering you a job.


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