Dyson Pure Cool Link – The Expensive Air Purifier That Might Just be Worth Every Penny

The Dyson Pure Cool Link is a pricey app-connected air purifier and it comes from the company known to make premium small appliances. It is a high-end indoor cleaner that aims to rid your home of nearly 100-percent of really tiny particles. These include mold, pollen, and even the hair being shed by Fido. All of these ultrafine particles can and will ruin indoor air quality, in which case this unit aims to prevent such instance from happening. The previous version has a 360-degree glass HEPA filter, which was supposed to have a job of getting rid of most of the harmful elements found within indoor air, and thus return the air that you breathe inside your home to be cleaner with the assistance of a built-in fan. With the new version (priced the same as its predecessor, by the way), it promises all the same air-cleansing features, but can now be connected with Android and iOS devices.

Dyson Pure Cool Link – The Expensive Air Purifier That Might Just be Worth Every Penny

The Dyson Pure Cool Link Now Has Connected Features

The Dyson Pure Cool Link can be used with the aid of the Dyson Link app, and users are supposed to be able to check the indoor and outdoor quality with just a glance from said mobile application. However, the real seller here is that the app is designed to be use so that information about pollutants around the home will automatically tweak the settings of the device. Therefore, the unit will always perform at peak levels.

Furthermore, the Pure Cool Link Air Purifier is equipped with a “night-time auto mode.” With said mode, it is supposed to dim the LED display found on the unit, as well as use quieter settings whenever you’re asleep.

This particular device can be bought in the US for a hefty sum. It is available in two sizes, of which one is a tower (which is better for larger spaces) and the other variant is a more desk-friendly model (which, in turn, is better for tighter spaces). It is also available for purchase in the UK but the prices are still placed at the premium levels. Still, knowing that the product is made by Dyson, then it’s pretty standard coming from the firm.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link, along with the 360 Eye Robot Vacuum from the same firm, will work with the Link app. The robot vacuum cleaner will go on sale later this year. Aside from these two products, there are reports that Dyson is also working on an electric car.


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