Dr. Cleaner – Removing Unwanted Files

Published: 14 April 2016Updated: 22 April 2016

There are a number of reasons as to why your Mac computer is slowing down, but there are ways to speed things up such as using Dr. Cleaner. Using the app (which is completely free to download at the App Store, by the way), will let you permanently delete unwanted files to let you optimize your hard drive’s overall performance.

Dr. Cleaner - Removing Unwanted Files

The Dr. Cleaner App for the Mac Lets You Optimize the Performance of the Computer’s Hard Drive

With the Dr. Cleaner, you can remove those unwanted files with the use of its simple-to-use interface. Users, such as yourself, will be able to tailor all the files they want to move in a collective fashion, or you can let the software perform a full system removal of any files that it deems you won’t be needing any longer. This will ultimately free up valuable room within your hard drive.

Once again, using the Dr. Cleaner App is pretty easy. If you want to learn how to use it, just read on. First of all, when you open the application, it will perform a full scan of your hard drive. When it does this, it will detect any sort of file which can be safely deleted from your hard drive. Clicking on the large “Scan” button does this. Afterwards, an overview of the amount of space you can save will appear.

You can tick the checkboxes to select individual files for which that app can permanently remove from your system. As a safety measure to avoid users from accidentally deleting files that they don’t want to be removed from the computer’s hard drive, there will be a confirmation while still within the removal process within the software. Once everything has been confirmed, then the deletion process will commence.

While your hard drive is being cleaned, you can open the app through the icon which is sitting on the toolbar found on the desktop. You might be thinking, “isn’t the app open already?” True; but clicking on the aforementioned icon will allow you to manage your computer’s RAM usage. Should your computer be using an astonishingly high amount of memory, then you might want to consider freeing up some space. Pressing the percentage button found at the center of the menu will do that.

When using Dr. Cleaner, you can also check usage of other apps within the system. You can do so by hovering the cursor over each icon to get detailed information of the megabytes of RAM that each software program is using.


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