Downwell Review – Dive Into the Unknown

In Downwell, it is a game about learning about the consequences of your actions and every bit is a thrilling, action-packed experience. In this game, players control the character with only three controls: left, right, and an action button. When you press the action button while the character is on the ground, it will make the character jump. When in mid-air, the action button will make the character fire a limited number of bullets in a downward direction. With these bullets, it’s not just used to eliminate enemies, but you can also use it to break destructible floors or hover for a bit before landing onto the ground. There is only one objective of the game and that is to go downward.

Downwell Review – Dive Into the Unknown

In Downwell, Going Down is The Only Way to Go

In Downwell, it plays just like you were playing in the era of the NES; meaning, if you die, you have to start from scratch. The game is pretty straightforward but it is far from being easy. Yes, the controls are simple but it does provide you with enough challenges to keep you hooked. Since you only need to move left, right, and most especially down, all you have to think about are these three directions.

Each level in the Downwell game is randomly generated. Therefore, there is no way to instantly gauge the pattern of where the enemies or traps that will appear throughout the level.

For the powerups, you can get extra health, increased ammo capacity, or other kinds of weapons. Like the level itself, there is no guarantee what powerup you’re going to get until you actually get it. When you reach the end of the level, you will get character upgrades that will prove to be very useful as you trudge further on. These upgrades include causing blocks to explode into bullets, and even the ability to “consume” dead bodies for extra health. But once again, these are all chosen from a randomly selected pool.

The elements found in Downwell are nothing new but they still provide quite the challenge. If you’re looking at something that is quite painfully simple, but can still let you experience enough challenges that may even let you pull your hair out of frustration (without the need of flinging birds from a giant slingshot), then you might want to get this game. It’s uniqueness is also its main asset as it is also its simplest feature.


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