Disney All Set To Launch Connected Toys

Disney All Set To Launch Connected Toys

More and more toy comapnies are ecstatic about integration of their toys to the Internet of Things and Disney is no excuse among these companies. Children nowadays spend too much time in front of a touch screen, gone are the days were active playing outside the house is the main thing of kids, now with too much entertainment offer for them from touchscreen devices most kids stays at home all day, all night sitting on the couch, talking and laughing alone while poking the touchscreen.



For some parents this is just fine but for some this can be bothersome and yes Disney knows it well that is why in collaboration with Hasbro, together the two companies came up with a new line of toys called Playmation and the first toy that shall be out is from the Disney’s Marvel superheroes brand particularly Iron Man gloves and Hulk fists.

 The idea with this toy is to let kids wear the wearable and pretend to be the superheroes this endeavor is to encourage kids to go out and have time for active plays than just spending the days of childhood inside the house holding and kept entertained by a device. This new toys will make kids run and chase one another since kiddos can use this wearables interact with other toys in the line and not just that there is a plotted stories kids can follow called mission which can be downloaded.



There are also another companies which will to produce a connected toys just like Mattel which is reportedly partnered with Quirky a hardware gadget maker to produce connected toys. These companies will design, manifacture and market toys that will take advantage and make use of the fleeting technology trends but on the contrary children will benefit from it but the big question is will these new toys serve the purpose? The right answer for that question will be answered at the right time.

The new toys is expected to arrive in the market in the coming months. It will Cost $120, and the accessories comes with another price tag which costs will start at $15. For the software, there’s no information provided yet if it will be packed along with the toy or will you pay another for it.


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