Destiny – Spring Update Makes Prison of Elders New Again, Along With a Bunch of Other Exciting Stuff

In Destiny, there is a mode called Prison of Elders which was first introduced as part of the House of Wolves add-on back in 2015. Said add-on was then forgotten when The Taken King expansion came to be, but now it’s making a good comeback for the April 12 update for the game. It comes back as a refreshed “PoE’ in the upcoming major update.

Destiny - Spring Update Makes Prison of Elders New Again, Along With a Bunch of Other Exciting Stuff

The Prison of Elders Mode in Destiny Makes a Comeback in Upcoming Update

Aside from the Prison of Elders making a triumphant return (kind of) in Destiny with the major update this coming April, there’s more to the patch than just that. There’s a new Strike that goes by the name of Malok, who is a villainous presence that has already been referred within the game’s lore but has yet to be seen. Said character is the Strike’s boss, as well as the new Taken commander.

Furthermore, the Winter’s Run Strike is also making a return and it has been refreshed to deliver new challenges to the game’s high-level players. Many of the players that have been with Bungie’s Destiny since “Year One” that did not get to update with The Taken King’s release will be receive this part of the update as akin to welcoming an old friend.

There’s also the highly-anticipated increase to the game’s maximum “Light Level.” The Light Level is the how the power in the game is measured after a character reaches Level 30. With The Taken King, the maximum Light Level has been increased from 320 to 335.

But with all these updates coming to the April 12 update, make no mistake that Prison of Elders is still the star of the show. The first part to be excited about it is a new “Level 41” Prison of Elders wherein it is recommended that only players that are at Light 260 or above should take the challenge. For the most part, it does work just like the old version; there’s four or five rounds that will let players challenge three waves of enemies for each round wherein random modifiers make the experience more challenging.

Destiny players that are familiar with Nightfall modifiers or that of the original settings of the Prison of Elders would know what to expect. These modifiers are kind of a mixed deal as some are beneficial while there are those that will make the challenge more, well, challenging. For the fifth and final part, which is the boss fight, the modifiers will still be there but players won’t have to take on waves. In other words, just kill the boss and take the loot. Speaking of loot, keys will no longer be required.


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