Dell Inspiron 15-558 Review – A Budget-Friendly Laptop With an Excellent Display

The Dell Inspiron 15-558 has a remarkable build quality even though it falls within the budget range of the company’s line of laptops. While it does have the performance quality of what you would expect from its price, it does offer a screen quality that will be the best you can get for its monetary value. The 15-inch laptop weighs 2.4-kilograms and would thus feel heavier as compared to other similar devices, but it should be noted there is good purpose for this. It is made with a stiff chassis which suggest that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Dell even created the case of the computer with the minor, but very thoughtful touches such as full-length rubber feet ridges situated below for added stability.

Dell Inspiron 15-558 Review - A Budget-Friendly Laptop With an Excellent Display

The Dell Inspiron 15-558 is a Budget Friendly Laptop that Boasts an Incredible Display and Durable Body

The black-tiled keyboard of the Dell Inspiron 15-558 sits on a rubber top deck which has a gray tone. The trackpad is not your usual model as there are no buttons on it, but users will be surprised how unusually precise it performs. This update from the 5558 model now includes a DCD writer located at the right side of the chassis.

Purchasing the Inspiron 15-558 gives customers a choice between two screens, both are non-touch but do work well in terms of display. There is a low-res 1366 x 768 version and FHD one. The FHD, or Full HD screen had a decent contrast ratio and had an off-axis viewability of an IPS panel. While it does have a color gamut of only 61-percent, it has a contrast ratio of 500:1, which is pretty decent considering the price of the device.

This Inspiron model has a Core i5 processor that is clocked at 2.2GHz. It can rise up to 2.7GHz Turbo when required. However, the laptop will become quite noisy when users push it to its limits. Doing so will let the single fan spinning loudly to maintain decent temperatures.

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The main processor includes HD Graphics 5500. This discrete graphics capability means that owners are able to play games at a workable framerate. Those who are looking at playing games at 60fps will not find it in this laptop. The Dell Inspiron 15-558 asserts excellent build quality and decent overall performance despite its price located between a low-budget laptop and a midrange computer. Nonetheless, the display quality of the screen is one of the best you can find in its price range.


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