A Look at Cities: Skylines After Dark

Cities: Skylines After Dark lets you play the role of a mayor of your very own town. While the first game will have that “SimCity” appeal with a bunch of unique features on its own, this time around the new installment to the popular Cities: Skylines will let you control your town at night. There is a certain beauty and difference when taking control of your very own virtual city at night. This time around, the update will have day-night cycles as compared to just running your city at permanent daytime. Other than this new day-night cycle feature, there are also subtly gaming tweaks to which those who are fans of city or tycoon simulators will love. Also, it includes new commercial districts aimed at tourism and leisure. There are also extended budgetary demands (after all, those streetlights aren’t free). Gamers will also notice a number of new buildings and policies.

A Look at Cities: Skylines After Dark

Cities: Skylines After Dark is a Recommended Purchase for Any Who Aspires of Becoming a Virtual Mayor

Playing with Cities: Skylines After Dark provides any gamer’s dream of becoming a virtual mayor. It hasn’t lost its touch to let players enjoy how it feels to take control and lead of an actual municipality (in the virtual realm).

As the name obviously explains, Skylines After Dark is an expansion that will have a full day-night cycle. The original game had players looking at a virtual soon which seems to be permanently stuck on high-noon, this time around you will get to see the level of the sun go up and down, and so does the moon, just like in the real world. When the sun goes down, it will reveal a whole new world for you as a virtual mayor. Lights from the street and building windows are sparkling as nighttime draws in. Neon signs begin to move and video screens come to life (so to speak).

Furthermore, perhaps the most notable addition to the expansion is for mayors to designate commercial zones as specialized leisure and tourism districts. While these are all very exciting, gamers find the new nighttime scene for this expansion a bit too… dark. This can obscure the details especially on the terrain. This can become particularly difficult when you’re trying to build roads, electrical lines, or pipes during the night. Those who want to get more out of playing virtual mayor will surely get a kick out of Cities: Skylines After Dark.


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