DALI Kubik One Review – The Ultimate One-Box Sound System

The DALI Kubik One is claimed to be the “ultimate one-box sound system,” and it may very well be. It aims to bring audiophile-quality sound from any source. You can pair it up with your TV or other Bluetooth devices, and it will be able to deliver consistently great sound performance for each one. Hence, it is designed to be a jack of all trades. You can even deem it to be a master of them all, too.

DALI Kubik One Review - The Ultimate One-Box Sound System

The DALI Kubik One is a Jack of All Trades and a Master of All

Looking at it from a design perspective, the DALI Kubik One is an absolute beauty. It immediately delves away from the standard soundbar design. While many sport the black, rectangular box, this boasts a funky, minimal look. It completes its design with cool curves and a very eye-catching color scheme. There’s no external subwoofer that comes with the package, which means that it can easily be placed upright on a TV stand or shelf, or be hung on a wall.

This particular unit is available in red, white, or black grilles that come as standard. There are optional colors to choose from, such as Lime Green, Orange, and Azur Blue.

When it comes to build quality, you will be met with a sturdy device. Behind its exterior is a single piece of extruded aluminum. This enables the compact cabinet to be made with thinner walls than what traditional materials would currently allow. Also, this type of selection for its design and material does not compromise bass depth or cabinet solidity.

The Kubik One has a price tag that is far from being chump change. However, whether it’s listening to your favorite tracks, or watching movies, or your favorite TV shows, you can hear the high price oozing from the device. Its sound is open and detailed, as it forcefully delivers clear dialogues complemented by a punchy low-end audio signature. Sound produced is not tainted by over-processing nor is it overstressed. There is no unnatural treble that can be heard, and it serves everything up in the clearest manner possible.

Overall, the DALI Kubik One presents an audio performance unlike any other. You can throw music, movies, or TV shows at it and it will all sound amazing. With its build quality and thoroughly eye-catching design, and you can immediately justify the large heft in its price tag.


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