Focal Dimension Review – A High-End Soundbar Without the Clutter

If you’re in the market for a soundbar that won’t pose a threat to living room space, and if you have the money to burn, then perhaps the Focal Dimension will catch your fancy. It is made from the French brand which is able to fire 5.1 sound into your living room without the hassle of thinking about space. However, it is by no means cheap, but it does offer superior sound, beautiful design, and superb build quality that ultimately justifies the heft in its price.

Focal Dimension Review - A High-End Soundbar Without the Clutter

The Focal Dimension Justifies its High Price Point With Its Design, Sound, and Build Quality

The design of the Focal Dimension  is a minimalist’s dream. It has an angular look but it is visually striking. Its entire front section slopes back, which points the drivers upward. This direction makes assists in the dispersion of sound to add to the room-filling effect.

There is a luxurious-looking black cloth which covers the speakers. On its right, you can fund a touch capacitive control panel which will light up whenever you wave your hand in front of it. In this control panel, you can turn on the power, control volume, select an input, or set the soundbar into Night mode.

In terms of build quality, the Focal Dimension Soundbar is made with industrial grade material. It has a brushed aluminum mono-block chassis which provides a stable base and avoid the speakers from making any unnecessary vibrations. Overall, it is a product that is beautifully crafted with an amazing build quality.

Its width measures in at 1,155-mililmeters and is recommended for TVs of 50-inches and over. Upon taking a look at the massive width, you would immediately think that a small space could not handle it. However, it can be mounted on a wall and the company thankfully supplies the bracket with the standard packaging. Once it is in place, it won’t get in the way of adding too much clutter into the room.

When it comes to audio performance, it is nothing short of extraordinary. It produces an enormous sound stage which immediately floods the room with audio from music, TV shows, or movies. When watching your favorite films or TV series, the audio will let you right in on the action. It does all this with a very impressive bass output. It is deep and weighty, but without having to hamper down other areas of the audio spectrum.

Ultimately, the Focal Dimension is a solid soundbar with a design to match. It has an audio performance that justifies every penny that you spend for its steep price. The only things that would otherwise make this a clear winner are that it only has a single HDMI input and Bluetooth connectivity is optional.


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