Daimler And Zonar Collaborates For Connected Trucks

Daimler And Zonar Collaborates For Connected Trucks

The technological advancement provide a lot of advantages not just to information and communication but it also boosted other industries such as the auto industry and that includes the semis.

 Trucking as means of transportation operates in day to day basis. As you can see there are a lot of trucks on the road tasked to deliver not just perishable products for our everyday consumption but also other heavy equipment and more.



 To connect technology advances with trucking operation is equal to a more efficient trucking way. With regards to that Daimler Trucks North America recently signed a deal with Zonar a firm that specializes in connecting truck computers, drivers, and fleet operators who can use all that data to increase efficiency and safety. Daimler only acquired small share of less than 25 percent. Part of the deal is that despite the acquisition, the tech provider Zonar will remain as an independent firm.

 Daimler’s move shows that the leading truck maker is serious to apply technology as a means of new tool for trucking operation. Though, this is not a new thing since Volvo Trucks have already offered customers a remote, realtime diagnostics but Daimler and Zonar might be cooking something new to offer since the two companies have started working hand and hand since 2011.



 Zonar is a company based in Seattle. The firm works with four important areas such as safety compliance, fuel efficiency, maintenance, and operations. The question is how will these applications collaborates with trucking? The answer is simple: Collecting data on how trucks and drivers are operating can make everything about the business safer and more efficient. Connected cars are nice, says Zonar CEO Brett Brinton. But when it comes to trucks, “we believe it’s a completely different story.”

Trucking plays a vital role to the economy. Apart form it is a $700 billion industry there are almost 3 million heavy-duty vehicles move between about 70 percent of the nation’s freight, about 9.2 billion tons annually. That is according to the American Trucking Associations. Therefore, a new development for this billion dollar industry will have a great impact most specially to the economy.


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