Futuristic Flying Car Is Almost Here

Futuristic Flying Car Is Almost Here

Can you imagine your car flying? It’s a nice thought isn’t it? A flying car with two seats, 18 rotors, and a joystick is also called Volocopter which is in the works by a German company called e-Volo.

 Last year a prototype controlled by a remote flew for the first time. But, now the team is working for a possible flight which will be piloted by human in the coming months.

 What is the company’s goal? In line with that the E-Volo CEO Alexander Vosel said that, “The aim is to change the mobility for a lot of people, not only for fun. For transportation, and for getting work done.”

 Finally, the thought of having a real flying car is not so far away. The Volocopter like a car can be easily acquinted. Powered by batteries that makes this flying car emissions-free. Plus it doesn’t necessarily requires a runway.

 Part of the preparation for the first manned flight of the Volocopter, the e-Volo team is working on an upgrade of the entire system.



 To prepare it to mainstream the internal components of the flying car have been upgraded. Commenting about it CEO Alexander Zosel says, “We’re assembling a new electronic flight-control system, and a new battery system,” he added that, “Our cockpit has a lot of new features,” while, “the heart of the system, the electronics, is completely new, and there is more power to the propellers.”

 To revise the current aviation rules in Germany, e-Volvo is working with the German Government pertaining to this matter the Zosel said that, “That process is going forward hand in hand with the certification process.”

 The duration of the flight is only limited for about 20 to 30 minutes. That is only what the battery can provide for now. Zosel says that it will be certified for sport flying. And the initial cost of this flying cars will be offered at $340,000.

 Furthermore, the company is also working to develop a hybrid power system to extend the power of the battery to make it up to one hour fly.


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