CyberPower Syber Steam Machine I Review – Innovation Comes at a Steep Price

Steam machines are seen to be popping up left and right lately, and now we get the CyberPower Syber Steam Machine I. Alienware is not the sole dominator in this competition as there are several rival systems that give a fair amount of competition in this sector. The Steam Machine I by Cyberpower is an entry-level model, but does not have such a price tag.

CyberPower Syber Steam Machine I Review - Innovation Comes at a Steep Price

The CyberPower Syber Steam Machine I Provides Entry-Level Gaming Performance With a Hefty Price Tag

The CyberPower Syber Steam Machine I is powered by an Intel Core i3-4170 chipset and a graphics engine by its Nvidia GTX 950 card with 2GB of DDR5. For memory, it has 4GB of DDR3 RAM. There are variants in the Syber line with different letter-ending names. There is the Steam Machine P, K, and X. Each machine has different processing, graphics, and memory power with equivalently rising price tags.

The design of the Syber Steam Machine I is a large as compared to the tiny Alienware Steam Machine. The shiny black box has glowing colored bars found to be running the whole width on its front panel. It is by far the largest Steam games machine that you can set your eyes on in today’s market. To know how big it is, it is larger than the original Xbox, therefore it is even larger still than the Xbox One.

But it’s not just about the bulky design aspects that make this Steam machine stand out. The glowing strips found at the front panel can change color with a press of a button on its side. There is also a plethora of connectivity involved with the device.

If you are more concerned about the performance more than its looks, then this one is a great performer indeed. It has potential for upgrades and it is a quiet performer. By quiet it means that when you turn on the unit, it doesn’t make too much sound.

But the main question before getting the CyberPower Syber Steam Machine I is that do you really want to own a gaming console built for Steam games? If so, then this offering from CyberPower can handle all your Steam gaming needs. It has the upgrade potential that the Alienware system lacks. However, as of this moment, there aren’t many options to give you over a Windows-based gaming console. If you want more gaming offerings that are already out in the videogame market, then perhaps getting a PS4, an Xbox One, or even a Wii U might be more of your fancy.


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