Cut the Rope: Magic Review – The Return of Om Nom

Cut the Rope: Magic is sort of a celebration to the mobile game title as the original came out in 2010. With this in mind, it may have given the company to bring out a game designed to celebrate the game’s legacy. With Magic, it feels more like the real sequel to the original game, in which Cut the Rope 2 only felt like a mere update. This is because the new game does an excellent job of building on the concept that has started more than five years ago and adds some new elements to it. However, this is done in such a way that those mainstay elements are not dragged all the way far down from what made the game popular in the first place.

Cut the Rope: Magic Review - The Return of Om Nom

Cut the Rope: Magic Feels More Like the Real Sequel

Like in the first game, Cut the Rope: Magic mainly involves, well… cutting the rope. You will swipe your finger on your device’s screen through a rope that holds a piece of candy. The idea here is to use your knowledge of physics and timing to guide it down so that Om Nom can eat his favored sweets. While you’re cutting ropes and delivering candy, there are stars to collect within each stage. If you’re after a perfect score, then you’d do your best to get all three stars. This may sound all too simple at first, but the game changes difficulty at later levels.

But this is not just a glorified copy of the original game. In Cut the Rope: Magic (iOS and Android), there are some new abilities on offer. First, it should be noted that the world of the game has now been placed inside a magic picture book. Therefore, Om Nom has the ability to transform into different animals (with your help, of course). He can transform into a bird, fish, mouse, or even a baby version of himself.

This brings an extra element into the mix and does add a bit of fun into it. For instance, you can’t reach the candy unless you help Om Nom transform into a bird so that he can fly to reach it.

With the addition of new features, Cut the Rope: Magic breathes new life into a mobile game that is now more than half-a-decade old. It performs a delicate trick when it comes to staying in touch with its original playstyle and adding some new extras to keep avid fans and players cutting ropes for quite some time.


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