Climate Change – Threat of 1968 Was Due to Oil Industries

Back in the year 1968, even though it was a time wherein love, peace, happiness, and putting an end to wars were being the most talked about topics, issues like climate change was the last thing to have entered anyone’s mind. The fact is, at that time, there are only a small number of individuals who even knew what the term meant at all. There are even some who had thought it was the name of a new rock band or some other thing. However, recently released reports from the U.S. oil space suggest that the industry was indeed warned on that said year pertaining about the issue on our climate. This was decades before a growing number of people even knew that the problem can be even more problematic.

Climate Change – Threat of 1968 Was Due to Oil Industries

Recent Reports Revealed That Climate Change Was Problematic Even in 1968

The report pertaining to the problem of climate change was gathered by a four-year research period by the Centre for IEL i.e. International Environmental Law. One of the most intriguing new papers that has just recently been released was a report from the year 1968.

During this year, it was a time when the American Petroleum Institute was asked to look into methods in order to reduce their own carbon emissions. However, this is not the only instance wherein people or businesses tried to reduce the problem of climate change during this year. There is another paper which also suggests that American oil firms during 1968 had already been aware of what their fossil fuel emissions can do to the world temperatures.

Within these papers, there are numerous points that state where the oil industry was on noticing that this is going to be at risk, as stated by Carroll Muffett, CIEL president. “(In 1968), they had two paths in front of them. One was to respond to this rising risk, notwithstanding the continuing uncertainty, or the alternative is to try to discredit the science. And I think history has already shown them what path they chose.”

In an unusual bit of information (which would give more information about the threat about climate change) the history of fossil fuels, as well as the attempts to control the carbon footprint, dates back to the immediate post war era, i.e. 1946. During this era, the API had set up a “Smoke and Fumes Committee” for Los Angeles. After about a decade after, in 1957, Humble Oil (which is now called ExxonMobil) stated that fossil fuel burning is a primary cause of the rising carbon emissions in our Earth’s atmosphere. Other information is found in numerous pertaining to the problem regarding the change in our climate.


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