Carl Zeiss VR One Review – Headache Inducing

The Carl Zeiss VR One is a virtual reality headset from a company known to produce great camera lenses. It comes to a surprise as Carl Zeiss would explore into the VR market. Still, if you look at it in a different perspective, it’s not such a surprise at all; with the launch of VR headsets wherein the masses have been clearly waiting for a good long while (the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive), you can immediately conclude that other companies would join into the VR headset competition.

Carl Zeiss VR One Review - Headache Inducing

The Carl Zeiss VR One Misses a Lot of Good Points

But let’s start with the positives first for the Carl Zeiss VR One. First off, there is its excellent build quality. When you first remove it out of its package, you will be struck by how solid the device feels. This is not a flimsy piece of technology by any means. It has a strong monochrome design which is pleasingly modern to look at.

Its front panel is made out of a translucent black plastic material. The Carl Zeiss logo sits in the bottom left-hand corner and is hardly noticeable. The VR One title, on the other hand, can be found along the top of the company’s logo. For the main body of the unit, it is made with a solid matte-white plastic. There is a long narrow slot right behind the plastic plate.

A triple layer of foam can be found around the headset for the purpose of protecting your eyes. There is also a double headstrap to keep the VR One Headset to sit comfortably and firmly on your head while using the device. The straps on either side of the unit can be adjusted to fit even the largest of heads.

However, there is a major concern when using the headset; after about 15-minutes of continuous use, you would have to set the device down because of headaches or severely tired eyes. This makes the device to not be recommended for anyone, at all. Even with its solid build quality and excellent design, if you can’t keep the headset worn for long and it promotes health risks at that, it does make you wonder how it passed quality control in the first place.

With that being said, the Carl Zeiss VR One should be left alone, at least until an update comes out. Other factors that would let you wait instead of getting the unit outright is the fact that its current line of apps are of subpar quality and there are still some missing features which would otherwise come off as standard for other VR headsets in the market.


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