Canon PowerShot G5 X Review – A Pocket-Friendly Camera That Looks Like a Mini DSLR

If you want to own a DSLR for its looks, but don’t want the extra weight and bulky design, then the Canon PowerShot G5 X may just be right up your alley. It has a built-in electronic viewfinder, which is a refreshing feel to compact cameras. It is also made with a material that gives shutterbugs a decent grip to it. The sensor has also a good quality, and has the capability to deliver sharp photos that are rich in color. It doesn’t get more simple than that.

Canon PowerShot G5 X Review - A Pocket-Friendly Camera That Looks Like a Mini DSLR

The Canon PowerShot G5 X Has the Potential of Being the Most Interesting Compact Camera to Date

Inside the Canon PowerShot G5 X, it has the same 20.2-million pixel back-illuminated 10inch type sensor that can also be found on the G7 X. Those of you who don’t know of the G7 X yet, know that it is the G5 X’s predecessor which was released back in 2014.

The PowerShot G5 X has the same lens as the G7 X with a 4x zoom that has a focal length range equivalent of 24 to 100millimeters. The aperture range is from f/1.8 to f/2.8 which provides reasonable control over depth of field. For those who are more photography-inclined, know that this compact camera can dish out pretty good bokeh.

However, not everything about the G5 X is the same with the G7 X. The former has now an electric viewfinder (or EVF) built into the device. Said viewfinder is a 0.39-inch type OLED device that caters to 2.36 million dots. The best part about this is that it shows 100-percent of the screen that will be captured. In other words, there is not even the slightest automated cropping found. What you see, is indeed, what you get. The refresh rate of the EVF is 120-frames per second, which should be able to ensure to follow fast moving objects quite accurately.

Another good news is that the G5 X has advanced exposure control with aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual modes are available. There is also a collection of other automatic options and scene modes. A built-in image stabilization feature will help in ensuring the device to produce sharp images, even during low light conditions.

Perhaps the only known caveat of the Canon PowerShot G5 X as of the moment is that it is fairly larger and slightly heavier than its competitors. But other than that, it is still a very stable and great performer allowing users to take sharp photos in a compact camera design.


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