Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D Review – Streamlined Tradition

With the Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D, it continues Canon’s tradition of being the crowd-pleaser especially to the family photographer. It performs much better than other models that preceded it (that are within the same price range). It still remains very functional and brings sharp images with its 24-megapixel imaging sensor.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D Review - Streamlined Tradition

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D is the Latest Entry to the Company’s Mid-Range DSLR Line

Even though the Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D doesn’t spark so much excitement as of late, its true nature is not made for professional photography, but for those who want sharper pictures that are taken with their families during trips. That being said, the Rebel T6i is focused on the family photographer rather than serious shutterbugs. Still, it remains a reliable option overall, and is a great entry-level camera for those who want to get into the hobby.

The Canon EOS 750D sports a 24.2-megapixel sensor which does fairly well, but not as good as compared to its other competitors with the same pixel density. Still, the difference in photo quality is not that obvious unless you make a side-by-side comparison with the same photo taken from another camera.

As for focusing speeds, it is faster than the other cameras found in Canon’s Rebel lineup in both using the viewfinder and the back-display when shooting. As an added bonus, there is now Wi-Fi connectivity so you can immediately share your photos on the fly (provided there is a Wi-Fi Internet connection nearby).

The design for the body is noticeably different from that of the T62/760D, but the 750D is a much more expensive DSLR as compared to its predecessor. The T6s is designed for the professional photographer thus it has the control layout of that of a professional device. On the other hand, the T6i is made for leisure use and has a simpler layouts for its controls.

When it comes to taking pictures, noise is not the main enemy of the T6i. Noise will always be apparent in higher ISOs. That being said, the main enemy of this Canon camera model is tonal range. Colors tend to lose their vibrancy on higher ISOs. Color noise and smoothing become apparent starting from ISO 1600. There is an even bigger problem as you will begin to lose detail on blacks as the exposure decreases.

Overall, the Canon EOS Rebel T6i/750D is clearly not made for the professional photographer as it poses too many problems for professional photography. However, for those who just want sharp images when you’re out and about with the family and friends, you can definitely pick this one up.


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