Canon Could Be Entering the Virtual Reality Market Soon

Canon Could Be Entering the Virtual Reality Market Soon

Canon is best known for their amazing line of cameras and printers, but during the recent expo they have unveiled that they may be entering the virtual reality industry pretty soon. At the said expo, they have already shown a prototype of their VR helmet. The prototype has two 5.5-inch LCD panels. Each LCD panel boasts a 2,560 x 1440 resolution. Double that to bring users a 5K resolution virtual reality experience. The resolution will top any virtual reality headset that is currently available in today’s market.

Canon is About to Revolutionize Virtual Reality With 5K Resolution Viewing Experience

While the virtual reality headset’s resolution does look very promising, Canon still has a ways to go before completing it. For instance, the headset still lacks built-in audio capabilities. Therefore, those who have tried the VR headset at the recent expo would still have to use an external pair of headphones to get the full range of experience.

There are many who also look at the device to be a handset than a headset. There are grips on each side of the device for users to hold on to. While many would find this an uncomfortable experience, it is a plus for glasses-wearers as this puts lesser strain on the areas around the eyes.

The expo presented users of Canon’s VR Headset with a sample video. The demo video placed viewers in a large golden room. The room had a domed ceiling. Users are also placed in the center of a flamenco performance.

The field of view presented to users at the expo was only 120 degrees, but many would hope that the company would improve this over time to a complete 360-degree viewing experience. Viewers would get an excellent view of each flamenco performer. As expected, images were incredibly sharp and the brightness was just top-notch. That is to be expected when the headgear boasts 5K resolution. However, users also state that there is a bit of a blur each time the headset is redirected to view something new. Initial users of the VR headset should be reminded that this is still a prototype so it would be logical to think that there are still a few kinks in the mechanism.

At the moment, there are no release dates or pricing information of the Canon virtual reality headset. However, given the prototype design and specifications, it would not come to much of a shock when this product will be available to consumers in the near future.


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